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  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.
  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.
  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.
  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.
  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.
  • Thales TTT-Compact II Turntable. Swiss Perfection. Now at True Audiophile.

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Thales TTT-Compact MKII The Perfect Turntable


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Product Description

Thales TTT-Compact MKII. The Perfect Turntable?

Now at True Audiophile.

Thales turntables have compelled analog writers world over to throw up their hands and embrace the beauty of analog that Thales turntables and arms produce. The tables are so extraordinary and precision we couldn't pass them up. There are many options these days in the world of turntables but none better. - TA

"There is something no other turntable that I’ve heard can offer: the sound we get from such a small form factor is similar to what we hear from big, massive turntables full of technological innovations and design solutions. The Thales may be small but its sound is like a dream." - High Fifelity Magazine

With the brand new Compact II Thales was determined to perfect perfection.

The goal was to optimize the belt-drive-system to the utmost while keeping the design and proven advantages of the current model.

The new belt guide prevents the belt from any unwanted side movement in order to improve speed constancy and reduce unrest caused by dynamic tracking properties. 

Close to the motor there are two additional pulleys connected to flywheels. This arrangement increases the applied inertia and balances variance of friction values. The rotation-speed of the three axis is chosen as inharmonic relationship in order to reduce resonance behavior. 

The complete drive unit is packed in a compact body of ductile iron and decoupled by a carefully calculated spring-element. 

The platter is designed with free space under the lead-in-groove in order to make the record-change more comfortable.

The arm-base is integrated into the main chassis. The thread-bolts for fixation are executed as precise steel parts. 

Two colors available: bronze and black anodized finish with silver edges. 

- LiMn battery pack for 12 hours playing time 
- improved standby function to save battery life 
- holder for Thales cables included 
- new motor for precise drive properties

Years of experience in the field of analogue tracking were necessary to set the benchmark for excellence in the construction of turntables higher once more. Manufactured in fine craftsmanship, the TTT-Compact II is perfectly tuned to our tonearm Thales Simplicity II. Just its fine and compact design allows a mechanical stability not to be realized within the framework of a more extensive concept. Each of the 170 parts has been carefully designed to perform its function in the overall concept perfectly.

The new type of drive system combines the advantages of a classic friction drive concept with the ones of the widespread belt drive concept. The short belt is led thereby by two pulleys in such a manner that relative movement of motor and platter is suppressed efficiently. The resulting hard coupling makes the moment of inertia of the high-revving drive unit to become sonically effective. The drive unit, made of ductile iron, is fixed on an exactly calculated spring element. In order to neutralize resonance, the revs of the three flywheels are designed in unharmonious ratio.

The battery pack of the newest generation (peak capacity 100 W) offers more than 12 hours of listening independent of the mains supply. Every effort was made to perfect materials and manufacturing of the main bearing, clamp and platter inlay for this new device. The TTT-Compact II rests on adjustable spherical spikes keeping horizontal vibrations effectively away from the tracking process. All these high quality features are designed and manufactured to set the music free.

Price is for Table ONLY. Arm and cartridges sold separately.

Product Specifications:

- Decoupled drive unit with BLDC motor 
- Belt-guidance with three flywheels 
- High-precision bearing, hardened 
- High density mat as platter inlay 
- Decoupling ball element feet 
- Integrated batteries and drive electronics 
- Clamp with high density inlay 
- Available in black or bronze color
- Platter speed: 33⅓rpm and 45rpm 
- Wow and flutter at 33⅓rpm, IEC 386: ±0.04% 
- Rumble: -60dB (unweighted) 
- Weight: 35.2 lbs. 
- Input voltage for charger: 100-240V, 50-60Hz 
- Battery service life: 12 hours before recharging

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