When will I receive my order?
Most orders ship within 48 hours. Time is transit will be 1 to 5 business days. Audion products come direct from the factory unless otherwise noted and will take 10-12 days.

Can I request faster shipping?
Yes, but be aware most amplifiers are heavy which increases your cost considerably. We will assist you with any questions regarding this.


What Shipper do you use?

We use FedEx almost exclusively unless its a small item or overseas and we can consider the US Post. We like FedEx because they have tracking and the best reputation shipping audio gear.


Can my order be shipped to an address outside the USA?
It depends on the brand.

Audion can be shipped to North America, Central America and most of South America. Since True Audiophile is a U.S. based company warranty repair in Central and South America would have to be contracted by us so you would not have to ship it back to the U.S.

STAGE III can be shipped to any country EXCEPT Hong Kong/ China. Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Spain.