We are especially proud to offer TransRotor turntables here at True Audiophile. We searched for a very long time to secure a line of turntables that were as impactful in appearance as they were in sonics.

TransRotor fullfills all our requirement and then some. Each hand made and hand polished turntable is a work of pure audio art. Sitting a TransRotor table beside any other comparible brand in price is eye opening. TransRotor screams hand made precision at prices sometimes 1/4 of the others.

The Dark Star table, for example, was given 125 reference points recently by a German Magazine. These type of points are usually reserved for turntables that cost $20,000. The Dark Star is $5500.00 The all NEW MAX (baby Fat Bob) is $5000. The NEW Jupiter is $5500 with unique bearing and isolation. 

TransRotor is Germany's oldest turntable company. All they have been doing for the past 40 years is make turntables. No arms or cartridges or any side components. They solely concentrate on making the finest turntable and only the finest turntable.

TransRotor was the very first to come out with magnetic drive. These can be seen in their medium tables like the Fat Bob and the Cresendo Series. Unheard of in tables under $15,000. These tables are half of that price.

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