Portland Audio Friends - please note we are booking demo's right now.

Once again we are open for 'Appointment Only'.

We're NOT set up for Walk-ins.


True Audiophile has been turning people onto superior audio since the 1990s. Our store is highly curated and filled with unusual products you won't see at other audio stores.

This, naturally, is by design. We get tons of products to listen to and barely 10% will make it into our store.

If it doesn't offer superior sonics at its price then we pass. Our in-house reviewer has written for Stereophile, 6Moons and Robb Report. So he's heard a load of gear and compares each new possibility with the in mind.

Our goal is to offer the best sound solution for your budget. Regardless of the size of your budget. So along with hefty price tags, you'll find more price friendly gear.

Based in Portland, Oregon our goal is simple:  Only offer audio components that allow the music to be, well, musical. 

While the above concept may seem obvious, we're always amazed by the flood of people who are surprised or shocked how musical our room sounds at Audio Shows. 

Many, many times people and reviewers claim we have the best sound at a show - for a fraction of the cost of super systems. Attendees are so elated they make a point to stop and shake our hands on the way out.

When you see a product in our online store you can feel confident it was selected for its ability to reveal what is on the recording.

The entire tapestry of music. Nothing less. It's always about the music and your personal connection to it.

Our founder has been involved in Audio for over 30 years and worked in the recording studios of all the major record labels. Including some of the most famous recording studios in the world within Los Angeles.

He knows what actual recordings sound like before they're reproduced. This experience showed him that all the intense work that goes into making albums is what creates the magic of that recording. 

Many of our customers write to us saying they are amazed that they've listened to an album for many years, yet after listening through audio equipment they purchased from True Audiophile, it's like they were hearing the recording for the first time.

They heard deeper into the recording than ever before and that it was exciting and incredibly satisfying.

This is the criteria for all the brands you see here.

We first audition as audiophiles, second as retailers. If a product doesn't meet our sonic standards, it doesn't matter how popular it is or how many sales we could make. We will not carry it.

You will find stores that offer every audio product under the sun. That's great and sometimes the sound doesn't matter as much as product features and profit.

But it matters to True Audiophile.

Anything we offer has to be 'musical' without accentuating any one frequency - or be fatiguing. 

This is what you'll find at True Audiophile.

Whether you are local to Portland, or elsewhere in the U.S. 

We know we our products inside out and can discuss it on any level you choose. Our customer service is based on providing the best configuration for your money and offering you any and all help you need. Our service is rated 5-Stars by customers. Buy from us and we will provide Customer Service for that product for life.

We have over 1000 very happy customers nationwide. As well as Google's highest 'trust' rating.

So you can feel safe buying from us. Presently, we have close to 70 5-star reviews.

If we wouldn't own it personally, we won't sell it.

Just give us a call at (503) 803-7700, 9-6PM Pacific Time, Monday-Saturday. Click the link to email us. 

If you would like to hear gear we have on demo, you can book an appointment. We have 2 comfortable listening rooms. Its also possible, with a security deposit, to take specific gear home to demo in your room. To us, that is the ultimate demo.

Naturally, being in Oregon means your order is tax-free. And, in keeping with the motto below, we pay 3% on every credit card order. Rather than just giving that money to a faceless multinational, we offer everyone a 3% discount for cash (check, money order, wire transfer)

Finally, the unbreakable code we live by is:

Passion over Profit