Once the Covid-19 rules are over we will be taking, by appointment, demos. At that time we'll find out what you're interested in hearing and make sure we have it on demo.

Our Audio Concierge Service (which customers are loving) allows you to try gear in your home with known components and acoustics. Again, this service is suspending during Covid. Especially for Headphones or any 'wearables'

Otherwise, You will be welcome to try any of the components in your home that we stock in demo form. Usually, its the most popular items so chances are we have what you're looking to hear.

The process is quite easy:

If you live in Portland, we can deliver the item or arrange to meet. Amps are usually best delivered and set up and then repacked by us. If you live outside of Portland, depending on the item we can usually arrange to mail it to you for trial. All we  ask is that you are seriously considering buying. Just playing with gear hurts everyone especially customers who are looking to buy.

In all cases, these are the conditions:

1. We require a credit card just to place a 'hold' on your card. NOT a charge. It doesn't show as a charge at all. This is just security in case something goes wrong.

2. We discuss how long you will need to demo and after the period you are required to send it back to us within 24 hours. If you have a problem, don't worry, just call us and advise.

3. Once we receive the demo back we will inspect it to make sure its returned in the same condition it was sent to you. People are always careful, but life can happen. If there is any damage we'll contact you and discuss. So far, everything has taken care and we never needed to contact the person. Once everything is satisfactory, we remove the hold. Even if you want to buy one we will run a new transaction.

That's it. Very simple. Give us a call at 503-803-7700, 9-6PM Pacific Time, Monday-Saturday. Click the link to email us.