Do you have a return policy?

All sales are final. There are no returns nor refunds. We recommend you know what you are buying and feel comfortable with us and our knowledge and personalized followups.

Do you have a Physical Store?

Yes, however, we are By Appointment Only.  We have two comfortable showrooms in our 120 year old historic home. All demos are by appointment only. NO WALK-INS. We are not a browsing store.

However, the more interesting question is do you really need one? For many of our products we offer an Audio Concierge Service where we can deliver or ship a product to you for a trial period.

You get to listen in your home with your system and your music. Most customers who experience this service prefer it to going into a store where everything is different and hard to separate from the unit they want to audition. 95% of our customers prefer the Audio Concierge Service.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Most orders ship within 48 hours. Time is transit will be 1 to 5 business days. Audion products come direct from the factory unless otherwise noted and will take 10-12 days. Audio Cables are custom built. Just inquire when ordering. With recent parts shortage on high end gear, its always best to check with us to have realistic expectations.

Can I Request Faster Shipping?

Yes, but be aware most amplifiers are heavy which increases your cost considerably. We will assist you with any questions regarding this.

What Shipper Do You Use?

We use FedEx almost exclusively unless its a small item, then we will consider the US Post. We like FedEx because they have tracking and the best reputation shipping audio gear.

Can My Order be Shipped to an Address Outside the USA?

By contractual agreements, no.

can be shipped to North America, Central America and most of South America. Since True Audiophile is a U.S. based company, warranty repair in Central and South America would have to be contracted by us so you would not have to ship it back to the U.S.

STAGE III can be shipped to any country EXCEPT Hong Kong/ China. Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Spain.

Do You Set Up the Tables you Sell?

Yes. If you are in the Portland area we can set up the table. If you're outside the Portland area you have three choices: 1. All Non-TransRotor tables can be purchased with the factory setup. 2. Pay for our travel and we'll do the service, free. 3. Have us walk you through it on the phone. Believe it or not, we have an excellent record of helping people with alignment using our phone service.

TransRotor tables do require careful Precision Alignment.

Do You Set Up Turntables that I Didn't Buy from You?

We perform Precision Turntable Alignment on all Turntables. You will be astounded how good a properly set up turntable can sound. Our fee is $400 if you drop your table at our place.. If you have us visit our fee is travel plus $600. 

Wow. I Can't Afford Your Gear Right Now. Do I have Any Options?

Yes, for the local Portland market there's many items we don't show on our site, yet we can get you many consumer line products. We established a dedicated site to your budgets called: HiFiNation.com

Alternatively, you should check out friends of ours in Corvallis, Oregon who do net sales and are respected all over the U.S. They're called Turntable Needles and you can reach their site by clicking on the link. Tons of info on older tables and solid quality advice and products.