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What speakers can I run with Audion?

Basically most any that are 92dB and above depending on the amp.

ZU makes great speakers that are very efficient so they will work with anything in the Audion line

Devore makes speakers that cover the entire line

Tri-Art  Our Canadian friends make Open Baffles that will get better looking all the time and won Best of Show at Axpona 2019

Coherent Speakers Again, Canadian and a fresh approach on the box speaker. Hand made.

AVANTGARDE will work with any of our amps and what you save will let you buy other components.

Main brands like Klipsch. Small like Omega and others.

Many more speakers than you may think.

We've even put the new KT150 on Harbath in place of a "120W" amp and the customer didn't even wait for it to warm up before purchasing it.

If you have any doubts just give us a call. We're happy to guide you.