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True Audiophile customer comments

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These are a very small sampling of the hundreds of comments we've received from customers. In order to preserve privacy we deleted the customer names. The comments are actual comments with no editing. We are fortunate to have 100% customer satisfaction. 5 Star ratings.


You guys are the best. Never had so much customer support.


Gary was extremely patient with my numerous inquiries even before a purchase. He takes a no pressure approach. He explains things in a clear, no-nonsense manner. I am very happy with the products and, especially, the services of True Audiophile.


True Audiophile provided me outstanding service and was extremely patient and informative in dealing with me. As a new business owner I can't recommend them enough! You can't go wrong with their experience and service.


I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the Audion Sterling KT88 amplifier recently purchased from True Audiophile….thank you for the professional manner in which you and your staff handled this transaction. I would hope to do more business with True Audiophile in the future.


As a HUGE music lover that made the decision to jump into the deep end of building (from scratch) a true audiophile vinyl playback experience, I had NO idea where to start. After countless hours of research and due diligence, I found Gary @ True Audiophile. I wasn't thrilled about this level of spending with a company that is located across the country and I never met (in person), however after connecting with Gary all my concerns were put at ease. He is wickedly knowledgeable, designed a solution that balanced all the building blocks and my budget for the optimum experience, helped me setup and 'dial in' the perfect music lover experience that continues to expand. He did all this while providing an unprecedented level of customer service and support. My music room has quickly become a friend and family hit and is where we spend a majority of our time when folks visit the house. I will not go anywhere else for ANY of my audiophile needs. Gary rocks!


Gary at True Audiophile is a gem and helped my brewery tasting room get setup with great sound that's making everyone happy. Can't wait to continue working with him on my home system; can't recommend him enough!


Gary at True Audiophile is a gem and helped my brewery tasting room get setup with great sound that's making everyone happy. Can't wait to continue working with him on my home system; can't recommend him enough!


I was looking to buy a turntable and found these guys. WoW! I had no idea how complex it could be. They helped me through everything and find the exact right table for me AND cartridge. They were amazing to work with. Will definitely buy all my audio stuff from them!


... I've noticed is an increase in speed, crisper highs, tighter bass and, most importantly, a pretty dramatic increase in resolution. Very dense passages such as large chorus and orchestra are much more defined than I think they've ever been. Overall a lot more enjoyable to listen to. This is with the old cca's. I'm hoping that I can get some fresh tubes into it early in the year. I'm delighted with it as it is now, so things can only get better! Thank you again. [service upgrade]


Your room was definitely a standout.


I enjoyed our conversation today and was extremely impressed by your characterization and honesty re the Audion amplifiers.


Thank you very much. 


Oh. That is great! Thanks!


I'm still reverberating with the feeling of spending time with you and the wonderful sounds/music, and I'll definitely be recommending True Audiophile to others.


Wow, so soon! [service upgrade]


Awesome thanks!!


I love my Okki MK2, excellent RCM 


...love the RCM! [okki nokki] much better than anything else out there


Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.


Thank you! 


Just what Portland needs! A high end store with incredible service and a comfortable listening space.


Thanks again for all your help with the amp its sounding great, dead quite and clear as a bell [service upgrade]


They [Quattro] sound amazing. There is no more smearing of sounds. It's as if I’m hearing music for the first time. I would simply like to say thank you.


Many, many thanks for your prompt help. I’ll let Audion know that your help was indispensable to solving my problem.


The power conditioner cleaned up a lot of the noise. Unbelievable. You have a customer for life!


I love my Audion KT120. Excellent sales and service! 


I highly recommend True Audiophile.


Thank you for your prompt, professional service and great communication.  I am enjoying my new cables.  I look forward to doing business with you again.


Thank you so very much for your time and support on getting back to me so quickly.


Just awesome service!!!!!!



Thanks again and have a great day


I went out and retreived the Tabla it sounds great. Thank you very much I appreciate your commitment to good service being backed by action and will look at your store when I purchase again.  


Well, after about ten days with the Human Audio Muto, I am beyond pleased with the purchase.


Thank you. Excellent site both in terms of product and prices.


Again, thanks for your efforts, professionalism, and patience.  


Thanks, really looking forward to this upgrade :)




Second day of listening. I am very pleased. I could run the gamut of audiophile terms such as darker background, greater detail, extended highs, etc. 


Thanks for working to get me this deal. I hope they provide excellent synergy with my equipment.


Many thanks for the explanation. You have been great!


Just to let you know cables arrived today. Connected and started to run in. Even out of the box they are superlative. Absolutely stunningly good. 

Very many thanks again for your great service and attention.


Many thanks and good night. 


You have a great service


Got the cables today.  Already tried them on and they are fantastic! 

Thanks a lot


Thank you for the update.  This kind of communication is really essential to building confidence in dealings and much appreciated! 


I know I will use you guys again, and I will spread the good word :)


You have been extremely kind and generous with your time.


Thanks for your great communication on the sale. I'm looking forward to receiving it. 


Thanks for the brilliant email!


And I'm impressed that you were working yesterday, which was a Sunday!


Preamplifier was well received Thanks for a good preamp to introduce also a good deal. Thank you