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homepage-bic.png Some gear is so astonishingly better at its price, we started BEST in CLASS Club. Check out our YouTube Channel for loads of product videos and troubleshooting tips. NOTE to Portland Residents: FREE SHIPPING: Use coupon code: FreePortland. Can't find something within your budget? Call us. We have special gear not shown on the site. We do Precision Turntable Alignment. Loads of customers rave about our work.  Elac Adante speakers are in. FREE SHIPPING (USA lower 48 Only). Reviews: Absolute RAVE review of the Audion KT120 "I’m weak. I have a total crush on this amp...The Audion Super Sterling 120 is a wholly successful work of art that delivers everything you could hope from twenty-odd watts of tube power." No one could believe the performance of this amp. Even SET snobs swallowed hard.


Okki Nokki Sale - buy the record cleaner and get a FREE dust cover. A $50 savings. TransRotor Dark Star Save $500!.     

New Products

MoFi astounding TT's, Phono and Carts from the Vinyl PerfectionistsELAC Adante AF-61 and AS-61 are here!! SoundSmith Moving Iron Cartridges are here. Phenomenal performance at reasonable prices. HiFiMan Sundara arrives.   TransRotor intros new tables: Max and Jupiter. XLO is back! AUDION Special Edition 300B.    

New Reviews

ELAC S12EQ rated Top Choice 2017 byAVS Forum. Michael Fremer loves the Audio Alchemy PPA-1 Phono. TAS 2017 Cable Award to Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper!  Show report on Audio Alchemy at Axpona 2016. New Review of the Black Shadow MkII, "the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over... " HiFi+  New Audion 300B Special Edition amplifier reviews keep coming in: Brand new review from Dagogo calls the 300B SE "more than music lovers amp". HiFi Choice (top) UK Audio Magazine 2015 says "Thoroughly recommended."  Read the full reviewCustomers who heard it have been stunned. Many 300B snobs declared it the best SET they ever heard. TransRotor Fat Bob very nice review in Part Time AudiophilePrimare CD32 RAVE review from Stereophile June 2014. BMC PureDac Review. HB Powerstar conditioner - another rave Review. Stage III Kraken AC Power Cord "Just one Kraken will be enough to alter your sound in startling ways" Read 

Still the world's first Single Ended Class A KT120!

See the incredible RAVE review above! Absolute rave hit of the Newport Show. One of the top sellers in the U.S. Dealers and customers are consider it the best amp under $10,000. Engineers said it couldn't be done, but after a year of R&D Audion did it. Pure Class-A 25 watts enough to drive speakers 86dB and above.  Details.

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Safe and Secure Shopping. We use one of the most secure transaction companies in the world. We've been a trusted audio source for many years with spotless customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Over 800 happy customers here and worldwide have praised our sales and service. We love what we do and our integrity is shown by being the exclusive net dealer for several highly regarded product lines.


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