Innuos Phoenix NETWORK Re-clocker. Groundbreaking

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Innuos Phoenix Network Re-clocker. What the stunning Phoenix does for USB this does for network Streaming.

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Our customers have been buying the USB version regularly, and 100% of them are stunned by the performance. It's not at all subtle. Without sounding trite, it's what one would expect from Innuos. Customers relying heavily on streaming have been asking for something that does the same for streaming and PhoenixNet is it. -- Mini Review by True Audiophile 

Every single person who buys a USB version raves about it. RAVES. As in they are stunned by what it does. Now get the same performance for your streaming.

Here is yet another rave review:

Review by Audio Bacon 4.14.23 

Final Thoughts

Innuos has once again revolutionized digital playback with their PhoenixNET, following the success of their music servers and PhoenixUSB. In one word, the PhoenixNET is all about “envelopment.” It draws listeners into a auditory trance of emotive storytelling.

The Innuos PhoenixUSB did an admirable job in digital cleansing, but the PhoenixNET goes even further to enhance the music listening experience. Without the PhoenixNET in my listening room, the soundstage collapses, the music gets crowded, and the realism is lost. This resulted in sound that was far less engaging – and most importantly, less persuasive.

With refined leading and trailing edges, a tighter low-end, and truer timbre, the music simply becomes more visceral. The PhoenixNET amalgamates harmonic cues in such an analog-esque fashion, that it smooths out any digital harshness. As result, you’re able to differentiate the softer and warmer sounds of a classical guitar from the more focused tone and higher tension sound of a steel string guitar. In addition, the heightened sense of depth and tactility elevates the listening experience to one of holographic sonic immersion.

Overall, the Innuos PhoenixNET showcases Innuos’ commitment to design and engineering excellence. Its noise and interference blocking capabilities make it an invaluable addition to any high-end audio setup. With its sleek design, anti-vibration measures, and high-quality components, the PhoenixNET is a worthy investment for anyone looking to enhance their digital music playback experience. Whether you stream music or not, the Innuos PhoenixNET is an essential component for any digital audiophile seeking an end-game listening experience.

Read the very thorough review here. 

Review by HiFi Knights: I was utterly surprised by how much additional performance this still compact modestly dressed box managed to squeeze from my own rig, just as its USB sibling more than two years ago. Let me stress that I’m fully aware that in theory network switches shouldn’t make any audible difference at all, but that’s just not my subjective experience. The way I see it, Innuos PhoenixNET fared brilliantly where it mattered most so did the exact opposite. That’s the takeaway and those who already consider such products meaningful will know what to do with it. Full Review Here.

Audio Beatnik - Innuos PhoenixNET Review, a Game-Changer

Let me start my conclusion by saying that before I had the PhoenixNET in my system, I listened to streaming music about 20% of the time and digital downloads the rest of the time. With the PhoenixNET, this ratio has completely flipped. I also have not purchased a single download since putting the PhoenixNET in my system.

This change in my listening habits may make the PhoenixNET the most significant product that I got in to review in 2021. Not only did it make a huge difference in the sound of music that I streamed, it also has the long-term potential to save me a lot of money that I would have spent on digital downloads. As I said earlier in this review, I don’t plan to purchase any digital downloads that I can stream except for maybe a few DSD downloads.

Summing up, I highly recommend the PhoenixNET for those of you who have a really good digital system even though I have no idea why it works.

Read full review here


Meet Amelia Santos of Innuos

Designed from the ground up for Network Audio

Typical IT network switches/routers are designed with the sole purpose of taking data from A to B with a noise floor and precision that is "enough" for the rate of transmission. This is fine for data networks but when sensitive components such as DACs and Pre-Amplifiers are involved, it will have an audible impact on sound quality.

The PhoenixNET is the realization of Innuos' philosophy of simplicity and signal purity applied to the network switch. Having started with improvements to the Ethernet ports' clock on their flagship Statement, Innuos has now taken the concept to the next level with a completely new network switch design that focuses exclusively on audio use.

Minimise Network Switch Noise

  • Simpler 100mbps network switch chip results in lower operating noise floor compared to Gigabit
  • Network switch chip with no internal switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages supplied by internal Statement-grade linear power supply with independent ultra-low noise regulation
  • Massive individual Network Isolation Transformers to further isolate from noise coming from router or connected devices
  • Just the right amount of Individually shielded, high quality ethernet ports soldered directly to the board with no ethernet activity lights as blinking leds introduce considerable electrical noise.
  • EMI absorption at the right places so that interference produced can be captured before influencing other components.

Increase Clocking Precision and Stability

Using the same 3ppb 25MHz OCXO oscillator as used in the Statement, individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip, avoiding precision losses from using external master clocks.

Provide Pristine Power to the Components

2 independent Statement-grade linear power supplies with Mundorf Caps to power individually the OCXO clock and the mainboard, keeping the power path short with less opportunity for EMI contamination.

Minimise Vibration on Components

Vibration was managed at 3 levels: Anti-Vibration feet tuned to the resonant frequency of the chassis, top cover treatment to convert vibration captured from sound waves into small amounts of heat and sturdy RJ45 ports with silicone connection to the chassis.





Input 1x RJ45
Output 3x RJ45

Network Speed



Mains Supply 230V AC/115V AC – 2 x Internal Linear Power Supply
Power Consumption 3W when idle, 7.5W peak


Dimensions 215mm x 342mm x 87mm (W x D x H)
Weight 5 Kg
In the box PhoenixNET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch
Mains Cable
2m Ethernet Cable
Getting Started Guide






Innuos Superb PhoenixNet Re-clocker. Now at True Audiophile.

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