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Firewall Module

Date Added: 02/20/2020 
[High performance joint partnership recording between LessLoss, Boenicke Audio and Audio Consulting, implemented using C-MARC Hook-up wire and LessLoss latest Firewall technology.]

I've had a chance to listen to the recording by now, and it is really incredible - thank you!

Since I downloaded it late at night, I first listened through headphones. There, I was first struck by clarity and dynamics. But the real thing, I believe, only comes through the speakers. It is there that I really appreciated not only the quality but also the technique of the recording. It is one of the very few piano recordings I’ve heard where you almost get the tactile experience alongside the sonic one. It places you not in the audience but almost on the performer’s stool, as it were. (BTW, I have to listen more to it, but my first impression was that the positions of some mikes were changed for the second CD, no?) The middle parts of Part 4 and Part 5 are truly amazing: the way lower and higher octaves sound together, losing neither their distinctiveness nor togetherness, is, again, something I don’t think I heard before in piano recordings.

So thank you again!

Firewall Module

Date Added: 02/15/2020 by Denis
Firewall for Loudspeakers

The wait and the pre-order price were worth it ...

Do you practice witchcraft?

The improvement is global from the installation and is equivalent to an upgrade of electronic equipment, the gap exceeds the change of a good for an excellent cable .... !!

Firewall Module

Date Added: 01/05/2020 by Joseph L G
I installed your new Loudspeaker Firewalls on the treble and bass modules of my loudspeakers today and then had a first listen. I really wasn't expecting to hear an improvement because my high-end shotgun speaker cables are custom matched to my speakers. But I was pleasantly surprised and wondered if my ears were playing tricks on me. As good as my speaker cables are, with the Firewalls installed everything just sounds better and more realistic. Instruments and voices are more convincing in timbre and body, with noticeably better micro-dynamics.The sound stage is as large and holographic as before, but with a more natural, more cohesive presentation. I sat glued to my seat for hours, listening to my favorite CDs, hearing delightful subtleties in the recordings that I had not noticed before. It did not matter which CD I played, it sounded better and more real. For me the Loudspeaker Firewalls are keepers.

C-MARC loudspeaker cable, stereo pair

Date Added: 10/13/2019 by Janus
I want to share my experience with LessLoss C-MARC speaker cables.

I had already owned LessLoss C-Marc PC’s , Firewall 64x and 5x and XLR interconnect, now I have a full Lessloss loom.

I was hesitant to give theese speaker cables a try. C-Marc PC and interconnect are really special but I was skeptical, Lessloss C-Marc would dethrone Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cable that had reigned in my system for a couple of years. I compared it to a few other speaker cables but the Absolute was the winner and keeper. Not this time though and AZ Absolute will find a new home..

Lessloss C-marc speaker cable is every bit as good as other Lessloss C-Marc cables.

It’s a very quiet cable, “no noise” cable. It’s unusually transparent as well. Sound stage is deep and open. It has excellent resolution, definitely more detailed then AZ Absolute. This is kind of surprise to me since the Absolute is a zero crystal silver cable. With C-Marc , I can hear more micro details, instruments have sort of acoustic halo around them what makes them more present and more believable. AZ has a tad stronger lower midrange and a tad more voluminous bass but C-mark controls the bass better though. It’s tighter and more detailed.

I can only imagine what the speaker cables can do with the latest Lessloss baby, the speaker Firewall. Maybe one day when funds allow, I’ll verify it.

Good job Louis and thank you for still affordable pricing.
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