Transrotor Dark Star Turntable

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Transrotor Dark Star Turntable. Reviewers Rave.

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This table has been compared to turntables costing $20,000. That's how impressive this table is for $14,000 less! All the features are what a person wants in a turntable from unique bearing to dampening materials. People who own this table are shocked by its performance/price. Astonishing for what it does for a system at it's price. It gets a BEST in CLASS award -- TA



"I could easily go on singing praises about the Dark Star, how it preserved string instrument textures and timbres so organically and how its timing seemed to follow the steady beat of a metronome; however, I would rather you seek out a listen for yourself and make your own judgement. For me, I’m going to miss the Dark Star, as it has shed a new light for me on the pleasures to be had from analog. While having a very distinct and strong visual character, when it comes to its sound such boldness is absent, rather, the Dark Star charmingly steps aside and lets the music speak for itself. With the Dark Star, Transrotor lives their own statement, “elegance means for us that your eyes and ears get their money’s worth.”

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"The Dark Star may be more approachably down-to-earth but it doesn’t convey much of a sense of compromise." writes Neil Gator in Absolute Sound Magazine Review.

"The Dark Star Reference staged broadly, with clear front/back relations but not maximal clarity and visibility into the final rows of an orchestra. This deck’s forté was clothing sounds with bodies and if in doubt, rather larger than smaller, with organically softened contours. This meant no particularly elevated airiness between the performers and no surgically acute outlines.  I most keyed into its emotional impact." writes 6Moons Ralph Werner.

This table is eliciting equal raves whenever someone hears it at a show. The first time Transrotor has made a complete turntable out of the new material POM. POM has excellent resonance properties and leads to an elegant matte black look. 


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  •  Black chassis PYTC, 30 mm thick, platter 60 mm
  •  Rega tonearm 
  •  Cartridge: Goldring Elektra cartridge
  •  Aluminum platter weight optional
  •  Three adjustable feet
  •  Available with other tonearms / cartridges or even without
  •  Dimensions: approx. 18 x 13.4 x H 8.67 in (W x L x H)
  • Weight: approx. 44 LB


Transrotor Dark Star Turntable. Now at True Audiophile.

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