Transrotor Fat Bob S TMD Turntable

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Transrotor Fat Bob S TMD Turntable. Sonic Delight.

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Its pretty unanimous with turntable owners that the TransRotor Fat Bob is a star without rival. Like its reference version, this table exceeds all expectations and is the least expensive TransRotor to feature their breakthrough magnetic drive. Astonishing for what it does for a system at it's price. It gets a BEST in CLASS award -- True Audiophile mini review

The Transrotor Fat Bob S is a minimalist turntable purely built for sonics and simplicity. The massive base and platter is optimized to minimize resonance. It has a 7 lb Transrotor magentic bearing thus magnetic drive.  Fit, finish and technology that far surpasses its price. It has Transrotor magnetic drive system which is a Transrotor original technology. Others are just coming out with copies of this superb technology. But copies are never as good as the original. This drive system began with Transrotor tables priced at $100,000. In corporating this into a table that cost $7500 is amazing.

Even the most stance critics admit the Fat Bob series sounds superb. *Arm and cartridge not included. Many options for both.

Transrotor Fat Bob S features:
  • Metal turntable constructed from aluminum, stainless steel and brass
  • Plinth/Base: 40mm thick aluminum alloy with an optimized design to minimize resonance
  • TMD bearing: 7lb Transrotor magnetic bearing
  • Large tonearm base, which is fastened to the base, is designed to further minimize resonance
  • Inverted hydro dynamic oil fed bearing
  • Platter: solid aluminum alloy 60mm thick
  • A second tonearm base can be mounted for a 9" or 12" arm
  • External regulated clean power supply, extra heavy duty chassis, with speed selection and fine pitch control
  • Dimensions: 7" h x 17-1/4" w x 14-3/4" d

Weight: 55 to 66lbs depending upon options

Transrotor Fat Bob S TMD Turntable. Now at True Audiophile.

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