Tru Zen Red Copper Power Cord. True Audiophile.

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Tru Zen Red Copper Power Cord.

Exclusively at True Audiophile.

Tru Zen is the result of more than 40 years of listening experience and intensive testing. Each level of Tru Zen is designed so an audiophile can purchase a cable that performs at least twice its cost. In many situations, 3 times.  

When we say we listened, we really listened. We listen to connectors. We listened to geometry. We listened to hundreds of cables. We listen to jacketing. We even listened to solder. We put everything on a scope, then we listen some more. 

We learned to pay special attention to mass and getting it down as low as possible for superior signal transfer and audio performance.-- TA

This is our main power cord. Through years of making power supplies and amplifiers we learned over and over that you cannot do better than pure Red Copper as the conductor for best and smoothest signal transfer. Hence this power cord is terminated with Pure Copper without any impurities. Red Copper.

The cable itself is made from Swiss Copper, shielded and uses a special grounding scheme for the quietest power cord possible. The jacketing is available in a Black Magic sleeving that has a beautiful blueish/purple iridescence to it. Or in the Military Grade Anti-Static for finest performance. 

As with Tru Zen Interconnects the price is a bargain and the performance exceeds its price by many times.

Tru Zen Red Copper Power Cord. Exclusively at True Audiophile.

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