Precision Turntable Alignment by True Audiophile

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Precision Turntable Alignment by True Audiophile

True Audiophile

We are one of the few people in the U.S. who have the ability and experience to truly offer Precision Turntable Alignment. We do can do TT's locally or anywhere in the U.S.

A famous stylus/cartridge manufacturers has stated over 95% of all turntables are never aligned properly. How do they know? They re-tip cartridges and explained 95% come in badly worn on one side and show signs of inaccurate alignment.

Most are turntables have basic setups at best. It plays the record, but doesn't allow the music to jump off the vinyl. If someone tells you they will setup the turntable before they send it to you that's a bad sign. Its impossible.

Precision or proper alignment is time consuming. Anywhere from 1 to 2+ hours. Once finished, it lowers surface noise and allows the music to explode off the record. Bigger, wider, deeper and higher soundstage. Increased micro dynamics and inner detail. Instruments actually sound like the instruments in the recording. Better separation and staging between the players and voices. Highs become more natural and separate as intended.

When we do a Precision Alignment customers are always stunned. From a ball of sound in the middle of the speakers to an exploded soundstage usually wall to wall. 

You've invested a lot in records, why not actually hear what's on them? We have more than 25 years experience in high-end audio and setting up systems and turntables. Price depends on the adjustment capabilities of your turntable. $200 - $400.00 locally or $600 if we have to travel.

Contact us for a quote. We guarantee our work.

Precision Turntable Alignment by True Audiophile

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