EAT Turntable C-Dur. The Audiophile’s Table.

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EAT Turntable C-DUR New Turntable Built with an Audiophile in Mind.

Now at True Audiophile.

This is a beautiful looking and sounding table. Unusual for tables at this price. Mini Review by True Audiophile.


SPECIAL: Add a Jo-No5 Cartridge with a Black or Plum Wood C-Dur for only $800.00 (Save $399)

Smooth sound with sharp edges

The new EAT C-Dur comes classy with a very clean, but elegant look. With it‘s either high gloss plum, but still an eye-catcher in every living room.

EAT's idea was to bring the concept of the EAT Forte in a more compact format. The result is a similar smooth movement without any rumble, which ensures a superior sound quality. This differentiates EAT drives from the rest of the analog world.

Bearing Construction


The heavyweight 5,2 kg aluminium platter sits on a full aluminium 900g resonance-free sub platter. The massive inverted main bearing guarantees a silent playback with accurate speeds.

The mass loaded 1,8 kg bearing block uses a polished stainless-steel spindle with a ceramic ball on the top. A ceramic ball is used on the top because it is very hard and inert. This, in combination with a Teflon plate as a bearing mirror, is also a good damping device. Teflon‘s accurate satin surface produces perfectly smooth movement without any rumble.



The 10“ carbon EAT C-Note tonearm is not only an optical statement, it‘s a well though-out precision instrument. It combines all advantages of an unipi- vot arm with a cardan design. The uni-pivot in the middle only helps bearing to be less loaded. The traditional Cardan bearing insures high stability and easiness of use with very low friction.

Also, inside the tonearm is a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm / cartridge resonances by more than 50%.

The carbon tube offers the required stiffness, while the aluminum headshell convinces with its dam- ping of resonances - a perfect match!

A semi-balanced 5P DIN to RCA cable is included in the delivery. Simply upgrade to a balanced phono cable and benefit from a fully balanced signal transmission.



The ultra low noise motor of the new EAT C Dur is isolated and placed into a steel ring which is then mounted in the chassis. An external DC power supply unit with an AC generator creates a total clean power for the motor. A special anti-static polished rubber belt connects the motor with the aluminium sub platter.

Easily change speeds with the electronic speed control on the top plate. Place a record on the platter and set the correct speed with a push of a button.



The EAT C Dur is effectively decoupled from its surface by its feet. The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

The feet are able to absorb energy with its TPE (Termoplastic Elastomers) insert.





  • 10“ carbon tonearm EAT C-Note
  • Special lightweight aluminium headshell
  • Fully adjustable VTA
  • 900 g resonance-free aluminium sub platter
  • 5,2 kg aluminium platter
  • 1,8 kg mass loaded bearing block
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball
  • Massive 50 mm MDF plinth
  • Conical damped aluminium feet
  • Isolated motor
  • Motor control for perfect speed stability
  • Electronic speed change 33/45 RPM
  • Dustcover included
  • Audiophile 5P to RCA tonearm cable included
  • Available in high gloss plum & satin black
  • Handmade in Europe


Nominal speeds: 33/45 rpm

Speed variance: 33rpm: ± < 0.08%; 45rpm: ± < 0.09% Wow & flutter: 33rpm: ± < 0.01%; 45rpm: ± < 0.01% Signal to noise: -70 dB

Downforce range: 0 - 30 mN

Supplied counterweights: 5-13g cartridges Effective tonearm mass: 16.5 g

Effective tonearm lenght: 254 mm

Overhang: 16 mm

Power consumption: 8.5 W max/ 0.5W standby Voltage: Universal power supply 15 V DC/1.6 A 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 496x170x396 mm (closed lid)

496x475x396 mm (open lid) Weight: 15,6kg net (21kg incl. packaging)


EAT Turntable C-DUR. An Audiophile's table without the price. Now at True Audiophile.

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Depth: 15.00
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