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Mola Mola Kula Integrated Amplifier. Reviewers are all in on this Spectacular Integrated.

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Yet more prestige reports on this Mola Mola Integrated Amplifier. Stunning performance is the agreement.  -- TA

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Aspiration vs Reality

This line has brought up some serious considerations with us. On the face of it, wow, this gear is expensive.

However, if you read or watch all the reviews, it becomes crystal clear how superior these products are to others. As we said, we've never seen a product that has been unilaterally raved about like Mola Mola.

With that fact in mind, is it really expensive? Think about always upgrading and total that up. We're confident it will easily meet or quickly exceed the price of these units.

Think on it. Read the reviews. Then feel confident these products will be your reference source for many many years. No upgrade yearning or pressure anymore.


The Sound Advocate Outstanding Award

With today’s ever-increasing move toward all-in-one do-everything components, I think Mola Mola is taking the right direction here. Having the Makua be configurable with or without the DAC and phono card gives prospective owners choices in what they want their Makua preamp to be.

Whether they already have a great DAC (maybe a Tambaqui!) and a great phono stage and just want a great preamp or they want to upgrade the whole thing and have a one-box solution to all of that the Makua is a preamp to behold and would be at home in any system regardless of price.

The Perca power amplifier continues the trend toward ultimate transparency allowing anything in front of it to shine through. The fact that the Perca is so clean, has enough power that could drive about any speaker on the planet, and is a super high efficient and low heat class D design. The new Mola Mola Perca is one of the best examples of the technology I have personally heard in my system.

The Makua/Perca paired together offers an elusive window into your music. It will not sugarcoat recordings or add warmth like some tube designs but is cleaner with a higher dampening factor than most solid-state designs. If the music has warmth in its recording the Mola Mola system will show it. If the music is dynamic and lively the Mola Mola system will display that as well; this combo doesn’t take sides! If I were ready to move to other components for my reference system, the Mola Mola components would be right there in the running no matter what price category I would be shopping. Two outstanding pieces of equipment!

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Sam Rosen Positive Feedback

...the Makua is a reference level HiFi component that is a joy to own, not a project to babysit. If you want to skip the journey and get a reference level preamp and phono stage in a single box, with the option to add in a reference DAC, the Makua is the right choice, assuming you can afford its price of entry. To be clear, to get the same performance from separate components, you will spend much more money. Highly recommended, thank you Mola Mola, it was a real pleasure to listen to the Makua.

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Enjoy the Music Maurice Jeffries

I can't recommend the stunning Mola Mola pocket sized appetizers highly enough. They redefine the meaning of comprehensive system setup and playback flexibility with the Makua preamp's class leading control app, sound as good as they bloody well look, and are priced sensibly for audiophiles of means short on listening room space. They will fit just about anywhere, meaning you don't need to call your local retired professional football player pals to help install them in your system. They deliver amazing sound, and not just for the money, with bass performance that truly is state of the art. If you want to appreciate what your friends with armchair-sized amps mean by bone-crushing, tactile, juicy bass, you simply must hear what these beauties can do with a speaker with real low-end heft like my Von Schweikert Unifield 2 Mk. IIIs (or even a pair of $200,000 Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 9s).

Of the two models, I think that the Makua preamp, especially when outfitted with the optional DAC and phono modules, is the real sleeper here. Don't get me wrong. The Kaluga mono amps are stunning as well, quiet, powerful, lithe, and remarkably transparent to sources and recordings. But the Makua has that "hard to pin down" X-factor going for, a stealth-like quality that elevates the preamp into the upper echelons of the very best components on the market, regardless of price. To my ears the DAC's performance really stands out here, as well it should at the hefty $8,200 asking price. For your financial troubles, the Makua DAC gifts to you the most "transparent to sources and recordings" digital source component I have ever heard. Feed it a clean signal from a top-tier feed-forward device like the superb AURALiC ARIES G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter and you will, I strongly suspect, need to re-evaluate your unwavering allegiance to your $10,000 turntable / tonearm combo.

If you haven't guessed, I am totally smitten by these shoe box-sized charmers. I have asked Mr. Parish to let me hold on to these pit bull puppies for a while longer, so that I can both get their full sonic measure and listen to them with other top-flight gear, and he has agreed. In the here and now, and so long as Bill and I can stand one another, they are my new amp / preamp references, and come very highly recommended.

If you've been sitting on the high-end fence doubtful that well-designed Class D amps and solid-state preamps can deliver the sonic goods, particularly if you are a tube person, mark my words, the Mola Mola suite may very well change your mind. Now get thee hence and find a dealer, ASAP!

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Mola Mola decided that their preamp should be complete, very complete. The basic Makua is an extremely transparent gain stage with a programmable routing matrix.

The chassis has ample room to fit optional extras, most notably a DAC and a phono stage.

The 6 preset buttons are programmable via RS232 or Bluetooth to access any combination of channel, processing and routing. In a system with mainly digital sources, the preset buttons would be programmed to select between them. Vinyl lovers on the other hand might want to use several buttons to select the same turntable but with different EQ settings to suit their large collection of historic LP's.

All five inputs are switchable between XLR and floating RCA connections, and all can be assigned as either phono or line. All stages in the Makua use discrete amplifier modules in a little known topology called "single-ended driven differential". Compared to doubly executed signal paths, this structure prevents noise from propagating all the way through.

The Makua is amazingly immune to influences like mains quality and choice of interlinks. The relay-based volume control directly controls the gain of the output stage. Dynamic range and linearity of this arrangement is much greater than those of stepped attenuators. Operation is smooth and entirely glitch free.

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5 balanced and 5 unbalanced inputs, selectable by switch and software
2 parallel balanced outputs for bi-amping (XLR)
Mastering mode
4 programmable trigger outputs (3.5mm Jack)

All inputs routable through optional processor boards like the phono stage
Processing balance and input gain offset 
Phase invert and mono sum 
Full software control of routing and processing


Maximum input/output level: 20dBu (7.75Vrms) 
Unweighted noise voltage at unity gain: 1.9uV 
Input impedance: 100kohm 
Output impedance: 44ohm 
Distortion at maximum signal level (THD, IMD): not measurable, estimated around -150dB
Bandwidth >200kHz 
Gain range: -70dB to +15dB
Gain resolution: <1dB, better than 0.2dB over normal listening range


6 programmable presets
(premium) Remote control
Mola Mola Remote app
RS232 (SUB-D)


Mola Mola Phono stage
Mola Mola DAC


16.5 in (W) x 4.3 in (H) x 13.6 in (D). Depth includes volume knob and connectors. 
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Mola Mola Stunning Makua Pre- Amplifier. Now at True Audiophile.

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