Mola Mola Perca Stereo Amp. Impossible Claims.

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Mola Mola Perca Stereo Amplifier. Ourselves and Reviewers are Gobsmacked.

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The Mola Mola Perca stereo amplifier has shocked us and reviewers, and even insanely picky clients who had a chance to hear the review demo and immediately ordered one!.  -- TA

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I can't recall having heard any amplifier sound this pure and, more importantly, musical.  Dean Waters - Positive Feedback

...the Mola Mola Perca screams excellence in every dimension. If this is your budget range, then you simply must give the Perca very serious consideration!

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The Sound Advocate Outstanding Award

With today’s ever-increasing move toward all-in-one do-everything components, I think Mola Mola is taking the right direction here. Having the Makua be configurable with or without the DAC and phono card gives prospective owners choices in what they want their Makua preamp to be.

Whether they already have a great DAC (maybe a Tambaqui!) and a great phono stage and just want a great preamp or they want to upgrade the whole thing and have a one-box solution to all of that the Makua is a preamp to behold and would be at home in any system regardless of price.

The Perca power amplifier continues the trend toward ultimate transparency allowing anything in front of it to shine through. The fact that the Perca is so clean, has enough power that could drive about any speaker on the planet, and is a super high efficient and low heat class D design. The new Mola Mola Perca is one of the best examples of the technology I have personally heard in my system.

The Makua/Perca paired together offers an elusive window into your music. It will not sugarcoat recordings or add warmth like some tube designs but is cleaner with a higher dampening factor than most solid-state designs. If the music has warmth in its recording the Mola Mola system will show it. If the music is dynamic and lively the Mola Mola system will display that as well; this combo doesn’t take sides! If I were ready to move to other components for my reference system, the Mola Mola components would be right there in the running no matter what price category I would be shopping. Two outstanding pieces of equipment!

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The Mola Mola Perca is a stereo power amplifier in our well-known half size chassis. Capable of delivering 150 Watts into an 8 Ohm load and doubling down to 300 Watts into 4 Ohm, it will drive any loudspeaker with ease, refinement, and clarity. 

The ultra-low distortion class A input stages are implemented on a separate board, together with their own high performance voltage regulation. 

Taking the NCORE® technology from our mother company Hypex Electronics as a reference point we set out to refine our Class D, self-oscillating principle and feedback concept, resulting in our proprietary Mola Mola Trajectum platform which is also applied in the Mola Mola Kula integrated amplifier.

To cater to a wider range of applications a new gain selection feature is added which enables switching between 22dB and 28dB. The Mola Mola Perca features selectable balanced and single ended inputs, Furutech binding posts, and an on/off trigger connector.



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2x 150W 8Ohm 2x 300W 4Ohm


22dB or 28dB 








(Or Damping factor >4000)

Bandwidth 100kHz


Mola Mola Perca Shocking Stereo  Amplifier. Now at True Audiophile.

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