Mola Mola Kaluga Mono Amplifiers. Rave Reviews.

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Mola Mola Kaluga Mono Amplifiers. Reviewers are spell bound by these Spectacular Mono Blocks.

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Yet more prestige reports on this Mola Mola Mono Blocks. Never heard before performance is the agreement.  -- TA

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Aspiration vs Reality

This line has brought up some serious considerations with us. On the face of it, wow, this gear is expensive.

However, if you read or watch all the reviews, it becomes crystal clear how superior these products are to others. As we said, we've never seen a product that has been unilaterally raved about like Mola Mola.

With that fact in mind, is it really expensive? Think about always upgrading and total that up. We're confident it will easily meet or quickly exceed the price of these units.

Think on it. Read the reviews. Then feel confident these products will be your reference source for many many years. No upgrade yearning or pressure anymore.



(we have to comment here. We HATE Class-D. Cheap power at the expense of sonics. Dirty, nasty, unloveable for an audio piece. That is how drastically different Mola Mola had to be in order to turn that well worn opinion on its head. We are as stunned as the reviewers)

Kaluga is based on world's most sought after class-D technology: Ncore®. Unprecedented low distortion, noise and output impedance combine into what scores of enthusiastic users unanimously describe as “no sonic signature at all”. Just music, glorious music. For instance, the two supposedly unassailable strongholds of class-A amplifiers are linearity and output impedance, at high frequencies. Plotted on next page are the output impedance as a function of frequency and the output spectrum in a high power (400W), high frequency IMD test. In both cases Kaluga outperforms any power amplifier, regardless of technology, operating class or asking price, of which such test results are available. 

The amplifier board is a Mola Mola specific design. The audio circuitry is trimmed to the bare bones and board-to-board connectors are eliminated in favour of soldering star-quad cables directly into the circuit board for the cleanest, lowest impedance connection possible. The input stage is implemented on a separate circuit board that uses the same discrete buffers as those found in the Makua. The output filter sports monolithic capacitors whose dielectric stability is reflected in an impressively neutral and poised rendition. The days of compromising power efficiency for audio performance are finally over: the Kaluga delivers definitive audio performance with power efficiency thrown in as a bonus.


Positive Feedback Maurice Jeffries - The Unbearable Joy of Thinking Outside the Box 

Everything about the Mola Mola suite screams tactile, if demure, quality. Your Makua / Kaluga combo, should you decide to take the plunge, will arrive in lovely foam-lined flight cases, the amps accompanied by a very well-written instruction booklet explaining setup details and core control parameters.

If you haven't guessed, I am totally smitten by these shoe box-sized charmers.. If you've been sitting on the high-end fence doubtful that well-designed Class D amps and solid-state preamps can deliver the sonic goods, particularly if you are a tube person, mark my words, the Mola Mola suite may very well change your mind. Now get thee hence and find a dealer, ASAP! 

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6 Moons -Marja & Hen "The Perfect Power Amps?"

One nightly session we were joined by Srajan who was visiting with his wife. Our editor too had to acknowledge the superiority of the Kaluga. When Bruno picked up the Kaluga samples, we were overloaded by apologies and Bruno gave us an account of the nightmare he and Mola Mola partner Jan-Peter van Amerongen were living through.

Under these most challenging of possible circumstances, the Kalugas still triggered all our emotional sensors. Listening at low volume says so vastly more about a hifi’s true potential than SPL orgies. It also far more convincingly closes the gap between recording and audience. ... Getting truly intimate is a matter of nuance and fine cues which attract and repel like turning magnets. That’s when music matters. Here Kaluga proved to be the ultimate go between. Its capabilities to make the air in the room move and excite the ancient ear/brain connection was uncanny; and worked with any speaker we tried. Our time with Kaluga made up for the very long time we waited for Kaluga. Damn was this good! When amplifiers get out of the way like these do, there really is nothing more to say. Anything more would be about added personality and the license of an inaccurate interpreter..

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Call for pricing. Not our choice, a demand to be a Mola Mola dealer.

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400W/8 ohm, 700W/4 ohm, 1200W/2 ohm 
Gain: 28dB 
Unweighted Signal/Noise Ratio: 128dB
Distortion (THD, IMD): <0.003 % (all frequencies and power levels)
Input Impedance: 100kohm 
Output Impedance: <0.003 ohm (DF>4000), all frequencies
Bandwidth: >50kHz


Balanced and unbalanced input, selectable by switch
2 pairs of Furutech binding posts. Biwired directly to the amplifier PCB using Kubala·Sosna cable.
Trigger input (3.5mm jack)


739 in (W) x 4.3 in (H) x 13.2 in (D). Depth includes speaker terminals. 
15.4 lb





Mola Mola Incredible Kaluga Mono Blocks. Now at True Audiophile.

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