Mofi SuperHeavyweight Eliminate groove, motor, bearing noise

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Mofi Introduces the Improved Record Weight. Eliminates groove, motor and bearing noise. The Super Heavyweight

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We've been looking everywhere for a very, very long time for a tonearm lift that would 'gently' lift the tone arm before it gets to the label. It needs to look exquisite on a turntable as though it "belonged" on that table regardless if it costs $2000 or $20,000.00 Finally a small company in Europe took up the challenge and created a product that fulfills that criteria. Beautifully machined. A precision piece from base to beautiful activation antenna. The lift is smooth and gentle. NOT a spring action that would better in a toy than a precision product. Highly recommended. Check out the video below and our unboxing video. Also another of it in good detail on YouTube. -- TA

Literally, years in development, this new record weight is the culmination of zero resonance and resonance cancelling for all turntables. Who in the world would spend years listening to record weights? MoFi of course.

Noise killing record weight developed by HRS for MoFi. Eliminates groove, motor and bearing noise.

Works with all turntables regardless of cost.


Weight of Weight: 13 ounces





Mofi Super HeavyWeight Record Weight at True Audiophile

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Height: 8.00
Depth: 8.00
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