MoFi StudioPhono Stage. Possibly the best value in phono stages.

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MoFi StudioPhono Stage. Possibly the best value in phono stages by people who made some of the Most Important Releases in Vinyl History

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We're kind of stunned by these phono stages by MoFi. $249.00 for a PhonoStage? And its resolving, quiet and performs way, way beyond its price? Small footprint, mono switch? Its true, these are winning phonos. Mobile Fidelity had a lot to lose if they brought anything to the public that wasn't up to their standards of special pressings. They really succeeded. -- TA


After weeks of testing the results are in. Astonishing for what it does for a system at it's price. It gets a BEST in CLASS award. One of our testers compared this phono to a $30,000.00 phono preamp. Did it beat it? Equal it? Of course not! BUT. It was shocking how well it did compare. Without question, the best phono in its price point.  -- TA

From a French Magazine "Sound quality is surprising, even bewildering! Because at this price, few phono stages offer such presence and dynamics ! The level of detail is impressive and you can see the different instruments, even on a complex piece. Of course this is dependent on the quality of the phono cell and the associated turntable. I must confess that it is in MC that the StudioPhono pleased me most. It has enough gain and, above all, it is silent enough to disappear. All the nuances, subtleties and realism associated with this technology are apparent."

The MoFi StudioPhono phono preamp is definitely the best deal of the moment, if you put in the balance its possibilities, its settings, its versatility, its mono function ... and its price."

“The StudioPhono is an all-star performer and does not give you the impression in any way you are missing out or making sacrifices at its $249 list price. The StudioPhono will be a valued and integral part of your front-end chain, not just a budget component that is checking a necessary box for you to be able to play your records.”
—Buzz Hughes, Hi-Fi+

“I was astonished at how quiet backgrounds were, especially on good recordings. Surely the little StudioPhono deserves partial credit here.”
Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound, July/August 2018 cover story 

StudioPhono replicates the wide bandwidth transparency Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab mastering engineers demand. Tim De Paravicini, the designer responsible for the Mobile Fidelity Gain2™ Ultra Analog cutting system, assisted with the internal circuitry to ensure your analog system at home faithfully reproduces the music buried in the grooves of your LPs.


With selectable gain and loading, you will be able to tailor StudioPhono to match nearly any moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridge on the market. A readily accessible bank of toggle switches can be found on the unit’s underside to quickly make adjustments without the need for any tools.


Two selectable toggle buttons on the top of the unit can engage Mono or Subsonic filter mode. If you're a fan of mono recordings, vintage or reissues like the Beatles in Mono box set or the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Bob Dylan Series, the Mono mode will come as a revelation. It will improve image stability and generate richer tone.



Adjustable from 40dB - 66dB

< .01% (MM) / < .012% (MC)

Load Impedance (MM)
47,000 Ohms

Load Impedance (MC)
75, 100, 500, 1k, 10k, 47k Ohms

Input Capacitance



• Selectable gain for MM or MC 40dB, 46dB, 60dB, 66dB

• Adjustable loading 75Ω - 47kΩ

• Switchable Mono mode

• Subsonic filter

• External power supply



MoFi StudioPhono phonostage. Insanely low pricing. Incredible performance. True Audiophile

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