Kuzma 4Point9 Tone Arm. Enter Kuzma Universe of Incredible Sound

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Kuzma 4Point9 Tone Arm is a new Entry into Kuzma Universe of Incredible Sound.

At the 2017 Munich High End Audio Show, Kuzma introduced a new 9" 4 Point that incorporates all of the bigger arms' basics including, of course, the unique 4 point mechanism, adjustable azimuth, detachable head shell, and an unbroken 1.5M run of Crystal Cable Silver/Gold tone arm wire. The VTA tower from the original model has been omitted, which allows a substantial savings in the final retail price, but repeatable VTA/SRA adjustments will be possible. The original's vertical and horizontal damping troughs have also been let go.The new arm features a new, attractive-looking fit & finish that will later be applied to the other two 4 Point models as a running change.

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Width: 8.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00
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