Reed Muse 3C Turntable. Magnificent. No Equal.

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The Reed Muse 3C Turntable. Without question, without Peer.

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We're Turntable fanatics. We carry many top brands and have carried the top of top. With all that experience, in our opinion, the 3C is the finest turntable on planet Earth.  --Mini Review by True Audiophile 

*Note: due to the many options each arm will be built to your exact specifications. Once paid we will order from Reed. We've been receiving them within 4-6 weeks.

After more than three years idea-crunching and countless man hours of CADing, prototyping, programming and real-life testing, Reed built their first commercially available turntable – Reed Muse 3C. Is it somehow unique? Just look at it, of course it is!

Whether you are fan of friction-driven turntables (the famous Garrard is made that way), or if you think that the right way to build turntables is to use a pair of motors and a belt, Reed Muse 3C offers both.

Thanks to its unique and innovative design, you can convert friction-driven turntable to a belt-driven machine in 5 minutes.

“The Reed goes for a cleaner, more precise sound without undermining the harmonic structure of the music in the process.” Read the Full Review Here.

What is inside of Reed's Muse 3C Turntable?

After extensive prototyping and long-term experiments Reed came up to a solution of using a reverse sliding thrust ball bearing for a main axis. Bearing ball is made either from steel or ceramics and the lateral stability is achieved by using very durable and low-noise polymer sliding bearing. Symmetrical drive system is designed to avoid radial bearing load, hence minimizing possible mechanical noise and ensuring longevity of a master bearing.

The Reed Muse 3C is powered by two direct current motors and by design is friction-driven, however its major innovation is possibility to convert it to a belt-driven system in minutes by replacing traction rollers and putting on a belt (and, of course, setting a switch to a correct position). To prevent possible mechanical vibration, we use traction rollers (be it friction or belt) of different diameters, spinning at different velocities and having mathematically non-multiple diameters to driving disc diameter.

Disc velocity is stabilized by quartz-based phase locked loop (PLL) system, so average speed deviation depends solely on the parameters of quartz crystal. Turntable drive is equipped with both mechanical and electronic protection systems.

The Reed 3C also features electronic inclinometer (electronic level dedicated to measure turntable slope/tilt angle), which allows user to achieve perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools.

Turntable can be equipped with one or two tonearms with effective length ranging from 9.5” to 12”.

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Reed 3C turntable with Black Accents. At True Audiophile.

Products Reviews

Written by Ozan Selcuk on 17th Nov 2021

Reed 3p tonearm and Muse 3C turntable

I recently received my new Reed Muse 3C turntable and the Reed 3P tonearm. I can’t thank enough to TrueAudiophile and Gary Alpern for their gentle guidance. I have been in conversations with Gary for more than a year. Over the last several months, we have been talking about a new turntable setup for me. I really appreciated that Gary gave me several attractive options. At the end, we decided to go with Reed. What a great decision! This turntable and the tonearm are an engineering marvel and work of art. They are both easy to setup. The table is capable of using friction (similar to direct drive) or belt drive. It has two extremely quiet motors. You can change the drive mode (friction/belt) in less than 5 minutes. The table itself guides the user flawlessly to set perfect level! Can you believe that? There are so many other great things about Reed - Muse 3C, I don’t think we have enough room here to include all of them. Above all, the sound quality that comes out of this turntable is out of this world! So realistic! Everyday my first spin still gives me goosebumps!

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