Reed Muse 1C Turntable. Superb Performance.

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The Reed Muse 1C Turntable. Superb. Friction or Belt Drive

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We're Turntable fanatics. We carry many top brands and have carried the top of top. With all that experience, in our opinion, Reed are the finest turntable on planet Earth.  --TA

*Note: due to the many options each arm will be built to your exact specifications. Once paid we will order from Reed. We've been receiving them within 4-6 weeks.

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The 1C plays at accurate and consistent speed. It is quiet and well-isolated from the outside world, and it passes the "tap test" better than many other turntables do. The Reed 1C/5T combo killed (in the good sense) on this simply miked record, producing airy, smooth violins and violas and giving proper weight to the double basses, rumbling timpani, and, at the end of the first movement, a majestic presentation of the horns—plus a grand sense of the Berlin Philharmonie space.

The 1C is arguably more dramatic and attractive looking, though both models look snazzy, down to the thin leather/suede platter mats supplied with all Reed turntables... I was surprised when the manufacturer beside me mentioned that he thought they were exceptional: ingenious, well-engineered, fine-sounding, and visually appealing. It's hard to say otherwise about these Lithuanian-made products, but it's unusual for the competition to express such unreserved adulation. "I agree!," I responded.

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Reed Muse 1C is Reed's entry into traditional design, mid-range turntables. The Muse 1C still keeps their commitment to the highest quality and represents their passion for innovations.

Shaped with traditional 70's design elements in mind, Reed Muse 1C features robust, stable and resonance-free wooden body, however a lot of Muse 1C technologies. Including main bearing and drive traction control, that are inherited from their flagship Muse 3C. 

Traditionally, Muse 1C can play 33 and 45 RPM records, however if you have 16 RPM or 78 RPM LPs, you will find these operation modes in Muse 1C as well.

For your convenience, 78 RPM speed can be manually adjusted in range of 70-85 RPM. Muse 1C also features electronic inclinometer (electronic level dedicated to measure turntable slope/tilt angle), which allows user to achieve perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools. Customers who own the Reed Muse table are astounded by this feature.

Muse 1C can be fitted with one center or off-center mount tonearm with effective length ranging from 9.5 to 12 inch.

The Muse 1C Turntable is available in either belt drive or friction drive. In Karelian Birch Finish or Black Finish can be equipped with any of the Reed superb tone arms.

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Reed Muse 1C Superb Turntable. Now at True Audiophile.

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