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Miyajima Carbon Stereo Cartridge. The Best Value for Performance.

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The Miyajima Carbon is half way between the Shilabe and Kansui-- True Audiophile quick review

Overall, the Miyajima Carbon is based on Takumi's beautiful balance. This particular cartridge has a line contact stylus that heightens the frequency response.

Its thin cantilever is chosen for present the Takumi's uniform sound quality, yet albeit touch softer.

By inserting carbon nanofibers into the cantilever, the sound quality has a clear outline and core.

The sound quality is spectacular and balanced.

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 Maker  Miyajima-Laboratory
 Product name  Stereo cartridge -Carbon-
 Impedance  About 16 ohms (About 0.21mV output)
 Frequency range (-3dB)  20 Hz to 32 kHz
 Tracking force  2.3 g
 Stylus Shape  nude Line Contact diamond stylus
 Compliance (10Hz)  around 9×10-6cm/dyne
 Appropriate temperature  20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)
 Weight  About 8.9g
 Size  W 18.8mm × D 21.9mm (excluding terminals)
 Body  Satine














Miyajima Labs Carbon Stereo Cartridge. Now at True Audiophile

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