Coherent Audio GR15 Ultimate High Efficiency Speaker

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The Coherent Audio No-Compromise GR15 High Efficiency Speaker with Unique Sonic Blades and Tune-able Ports.

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We have long looked for high efficiency speakers that don't sound like a box. As in the box completely disappears. With their patented Sonic Blades and unique and beautiful finishes, you'll readily agree - TA

GRA 15 / Reference 15  "Hypnose" Loudspeaker

Modified  15” Radian Coaxial driver with crossover based on totally new design princiiples

Frank Fazzalari's ultimate expression of speaker technology in a bespoke cabinet.  An efficiency of over 102dB @ 8ohms allows these amazing speakers to be driven by cost effective low-power 45 and 2a3 tube amplifiers.  

This is a full range speaker (32Hz to 20kHz  +/- 3dB) producing effortless musical performance for any type of music.  A Reference 15 incorporates only the top-of-the-line design, construction and components


The standard components include neodymium driver magnetics, an Aluminum diaphragm and Mcap Supreme Mundorf capacitor. These can be upgraded to an exotic Beryllium diaphragm and ultra high end Mundorf EVO Silver-Gold-Oil capacitor  Matching stands are also available.​


  • Tweeter diaphragm - Aluminum
    Driver Magnetics - Neodymium
    Crossover Capacitor - Mundorf MCAP Supreme
    Internal cabling - Nordost 4-Flat FEP/OFC​


  • ​​Tweeter diaphragm - Beryllium
    Crossover Capacitor - Mundorf SUP=EVO / SGO


  • ​Crossover Capacitor - ACS Cera / JUP-BW / MU-SGO 
    Internal cabling - AC Switzerland Silver/Cryo/Cotton

SUPERTWEETER Now Standard. No uncharge.​

  • Integrated Supertweeter - 18kHz - 150kHz 


Price is for Standard Edition. Inquiry for upgraded editions.

Custom Made in Canada  -   Multiple Veneer Finishes available - Partial examples in Specs/Features


Optional "Premium" & " TABU Signature" Veneer Finishes available - CALL 

  • Premium Veneer up-charge per pair : $280 / Super Monitor  --   $380 / Floorstander

  • TABU Signature Veneer up-charge per pair : $480 / Super Monitor  --   $640 / Floorstander

  • Subject to longer delivery lead time.


Type: Rear ported, concentric single driver 

Cabinet:Canadian MDF construction

Spike / Cone - ready Threading 

Finish: Stained, varnished wood veneer

  • Figured Mahogany or Tiger Maple


  • 15 " co-axial                             

  • 3 " high frequency dome w/ wave guide 

  • Magnetics / Diaphragm :

    • Prime : Ferrite-Aluminum

    • Signature : Neodynum-Aluminum

    • Reference : Neodynum-Beryllium 

  • 150kHz Piezo Super Tweeter

Internal wiring: Prime : Duelund 16GA / Jupiter Cu Cryo 

Signature : LessLoss CMARC-S

Reference : LessLoss CMARC-L

Crossover Coil & Cap     

  • Prime : Coherent Custom-wound Coil

  • Signature : Mundorf Feron Foil Coil

  • Reference : Mundorf Feron Foil Coil

  • Prime : Mundorf Supreme Classic

  • Signature : MUN/JUP/ACS Cera Tricap

  • Reference : MUN/JUP/ACS Cera Tricap 

Performance & Dimensions

Frequency Response: 

GRA Super Monitor

32 Hz - 20kHz + / - 3dB 

  • To 150kHz with Super Tweeter

MGRA Floorstander:

25 Hz - 20kHz + / - 3dB 

  • To 150kHz with Super Tweeter 


Prime : 99dB 

Signature & Reference : 102dB 

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms 

Input Power: 2 - 400 Watts RMS

Connectivity:5-way Binding Posts                           


Super Monitor : 20W x 17.5D x 32.5H

  • Super Monitor Stand : 8.5H

Floorstander : 20W x 17.5D x 41H


60 lbs each

PDF of Speaker Details





Coherent Audio High Efficiency GR15 platform version Speaker. At True Audiophile

Products Reviews

Written by Cary Akiyoshi on 1st Sep 2021

You will not regret the purchase.

My journey in high end audio began after my last child graduated from USC. Suddenly I had extra money to pursue this passion (sickness) as an audiophile. As I’m sure you all know it is a slippery slope to find that sound you have in your head. The reviewers can only review what they are sent, and are reluctant to give a bad review. The stores only offer information about what they sell, which may or may not be the best or best value. Also, since sound is somewhat subjective, what they like, may not be what you like. As someone who has always loved music and audio, I had in my head that one day, I was going to have a McIntosh system. What I didn’t know at the time is that McIntosh is like the Rolex of the Audio world. Great quality, solid, iconic, beautiful, and desirable. What I found out later, is that are several of the Patek’s and AP’s of the audio world. And so I began this journey with Mac separates and Sonus Faber speakers. The system was actually pretty good. The impetus to improve my system began when I found out that the Mac streamer/DAC I had would not play high resolution audio. The dealer I originally worked with never even talked to me about this. So I found another dealer that allowed you to try most products for 60 days. I bought a new streamer/DAC and this improved the experience significantly. A friend of mine then loaned me a server streamer and separate DAC and told me that it would be much better, which it was, a lot better. Three iterations later I had the Innuos zenith mark III server/Streamer and a very good two piece DAC with considerably better components all the way around. Enter the Innuos Phoenix reclocker. I had heard that it would make a significant difference so I found a dealer in Oregon (no sales tax) and called True Audiophile My conversation with Gary lasted over an hour.He questioned and he probed. I really got the feeling that he understood what I wanted and had the experience and knowledge to get me there. I bought the Phoenix which he assured me was a good decision. I got it and he was right. A few weeks later Gary contacted me and said he was sending me a DAC that would blow my socks off. As it was half the price of my two piece rig, I had my doubts. But true to his word, it was a revelation. Suffice it to say that I got a new amp, new tubes, new cables, new isolation devices, but I was reluctant to give up my very fantastic Harbeth speakers. With Gary’s gentle prodding I finally agreed to purchase the Coherent 15 floor standers with every upgrade save the beryllium tweeters. They are large, beautiful, and substantial. They make a live recording sound LIVE. They are incredibly efficient and horns sound like horns, a guitar sounds like it is being played in my room, and vocalists sound like they are projecting at me from their particular place on the stage. What makes these speakers really amazing is that the sound stage is wide, tall, and deep and It is very well defined. The biggest surprise to me has been that they continue to sound better all the time. Is this possible? Even after more than 250 hours? Please buy these speakers if you don’t already have them, and lmk if you are having the same experience. You will not regret the purchase.

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