Coherent Audio GR12 A Very Special Speaker

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High Efficiency Coherent Audio GR12 Speaker with Tune-able Ports.

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We have long looked for high efficiency speakers that don't sound like a box. As in the box completely disappears. With their patented Sonic Blades and unique and beautiful finishes, you'll readily agree - True Audiophile Mini Review

Unlike all other speakers, the Coherent Line sounds great off-axis as well as traditional sweet spot listening. Great for all of us that actually have a life and not perfect listening rooms. 

GRA 12  "La Sylphyde" Loudspeaker

Modified  12” Radian Coaxial driver with crossover based on totally new design princiiples

Golden Ratio (GR) design follows the classical proportion for aesthetics and includes internal baffles to minimize standing waves.

Speakers incorporate a custom co-axial driver from acclaimed Radian Audio, custom crossover and components selected for optimal performance.

The cabinets have twin rear ports to deliver an open and transparent sound easily driven by low power tube amps

The standard Aluminum diaphragm and Mundorf capacitor can be upgraded to an exotic Beryllium diaphragm and ultra high end Mundorf EVO Silver-Gold-Oil capacitor.  Matching stands are also available.​


  • ​Tweeter diaphragm - Aluminum
    Crossover Capacitor - Mundorf MCAP Supreme
    Internal cabling - Nordost 4-Flat FEP/OFC​


  • ​​Tweeter diaphragm - Beryllium
    Crossover Capacitor - Mundorf SUP=EVO / SGO


  • ​Crossover Capacitor - ACS Cera / JUP-BW / MU-SGO 
    Internal cabling - AC Switzerland Silver/Cryo/Cotton


Initial pricing is for standard model

Custom Made in Canada  -   Multiple Veneer Finishes available - Partial examples in Specs/Features



Rear ported, concentric single driver  



Canadian Particle Board Construction (Not MDF which is dead and lifeless in a cabinet) 

Spike / Cone - ready Threading 


Stained, varnished wood veneer

  • Figured Mahogany or Tiger Maple


  • 12 " co-axial - Ferrite Magnetics 

  • 1.75 " high frequency dome w/ wave guide 

    • Prime : Aluminum Diaphragm

    • Premium : Aluminum Diaphragm

    • Signature : Beryllium Diaphragm 

  • 150kHz Piezo Super Tweeter

Internal wiring      

Prime : Duelund 16GA / Jupiter Cu Cryo 

Premium : LessLoss CMARC-S

Signature : LessLoss CMARC-S

Crossover Coil & Cap     

  • All : Coherent Custom-wound Coil

  • Prime : Mundorf Supreme Classic

  • Premium : Mundorf Supreme SGO

  • Signature : Mundorf Supreme SGO 

Performance & Dimensions

Frequency Response 

GRA Super Monitor

36 Hz - 20kHz + / - 3dB 

  • To 150kHz with Super Tweeter

MGRA Floorstander

28 Hz - 20kHz + / - 3dB 

  • To 150kHz with Super Tweeter 



Nominal Impedance                      

8 ohms 

Input Power                    

2 - 300 Watts RMS


5-way Binding Posts                           


Super Monitor : 16W x 14D x 26H

  • Super Monitor Stand : 10H

Floorstander : 16W x 14D x 36H


42 lbs each

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Coherent Audio High Efficiency GR12 Speaker. At True Audiophile

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