Coherent Audio GR18 The One and Only of it's Kind

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One of a Kind. High Efficiency. Unique Sonic Blades. Tune-able Ports.

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We have long looked for high efficiency speakers that don't sound like a box. As in the box completely disappears. With their patented Sonic Blades and unique and beautiful finishes, you'll readily agree. We have a pair in our showroom. For their size its hard to wrap your head around the idea they disappear, yet they sound more like a panel without any headvise, plus off-axis sweet spot makes these speakers something special indeed. - True Audiophile Review

Coherent Speaker Just Awarded BEST IN SHOW 2022 for the Montreal Show by Enjoy the Music Review

Unlike all other speakers, the Coherent Line sounds great off-axis as well as traditional sweet spot listening. Great for all of us that actually have a life and not perfect listening rooms.  

"It was a really large room, and the soundstage the speakers threw out was massive. Easily the best overall room at the show in terms of sense of scale and size of the sound window. The further back you went in the room the bigger the soundstage seemed to get, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, front to back. Probably the closest representation to the experience of a live band performing I heard at the show." -- Show go'er Review at the Toronto Audio Fest 2024

...Both of us tend to be drawn into a sound that is more natural, warm, tube-like, rounded, and relaxed as opposed to accurate, vivid, analytical, fast, sharp-focused, and “solid-state” type of sound. This year at HiEnd Asia 2023, Steve brought in a pair of Coherent Audio’s “The Eighteen” speakers from Canada, made by my friend Frank Fazzalari, CEO of Coherent Audio. Frank once made an audio rack for my system, which I greatly appreciated.

“The Eighteen” is a two-way, single-driver full-range coaxial speaker with a horn-loaded tweeter at the center of the driver. It is two-way because the tiny hole, which sits on top of the 18” driver, houses a small super tweeter. The key word here is “coherency,” with an emphasis on a single-point source for the sound so the listener will not hear the “gaps” in the frequency spectrum which multi-driver speaker cannot deliver.

Priced at $22,000 SGD, the Coherent “The Eighteen” delivers as promised in a sense that it does project sound from a single point source, making the sound “coherent.” As with all single-point source coaxial speakers, you either like it or you don’t. These remind me of the Tannoy Canterbury I had for a few years, and they share a similar trait, a sound I enjoy most with vocals or simple instruments such as saxophones. …

Will I buy the Coherent “The Eighteen”? Absolutely without reservations whatsoever. What they do well, they do exceedingly well. Just don’t ask a 4×4 to do cornering or track racing. They are made for a particular purpose. Steve Sai Review HiEnd Asia 2023

This is the world's first 18" Single Driver speaker; with an enormous soundstage and tremendous sonic range. You won't find these anywhere because they are custom made for Coherent. PLUS, the Beryllium driver has the highest content of Beryllium offered. Most others use inferior, read cheaper, versions.

As with all Coherent loudspeakers, the cabinet design follows the classical Golden Ratio proportions. This Coherent speaker series is offered as standard Floorstander.

The Coherent GR18 series covers 3 Performance Levels :

  • EIGHTEEN Signature -  FS-MGRA Floorstander

  • EIGHTEEN Reference -  FS-MGRA Floorstander​ 

  • EIGHTEEN Platinum -    FS-MGRA Floorstander​ 

The all new Coherent EIGHTEEN Signature Series incorporates a custom co-axial Neodymium 18" driver from acclaimed Pro Audio Company. 

The all new Coherent EIGHTEEN Reference Series incorporates a custom co-axial Beryllium Tweeter within the 18" driver from acclaimed Pro Audio Company. 

The Platinum includes: Beryllium Dome Tweeter, Mundorf Silver Oil cap with Duelund .01 mfd and .1 mfd cap. Carbon fibre interior wall treatment with
more internal resonance control slats. Mundor TPCU87 binding posts. LessLoss firmware for speaker internals. Shipping and Upscale veneers included. 

 This is a very exciting development as it probably is a "first" in the world of Concentric High Efficiency / Sensitivity Loudspeakers :

  • 102dB sensitivity

  • "18 inch Bass" down to a comfortable 25Hz and 22Hz at -3dB ! 

As with all other Coherent loudspeakers, you get a custom crossover and "Premium" components -- all carefully selected to deliver a very high level of exquisite musicality, and this regardless of music genre !

The cabinets have twin rear ports to deliver an open and transparent sound easily driven by low power tube amps, and include a unique internal baffle structure to minimize standing waves.


Optional "Premium" Veneer Finishes available - CALL

  • Premium Veneer up-charge per pair : $400

  • Subject to longer delivery lead time.

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Rear ported, concentric single driver 


Canadian MDF construction

Spike / Cone - ready Threading


Stained, varnished wood veneer​

Figured Mahogany or Tiger Maple


  • 18 " co-axial

  • 3 " high frequency dome

    • with wave guide

  • Magnetics / Diaphragm
    • Signature : Neodynum-Aluminum

    • Reference : Neodynum-Beryllium 

  • 150kHz Piezo Super Tweeter

Internal wiring      

All Models : Duelund / Jupiter Cu Cryo

Option : Less Loss C-MARC 

Crossover Coil & Cap     ​

  • Signature : Mundorf SGO

    • Solen Hepta Litz

  • Reference : MUN/JUP/Duelund TriCap

    • Mundorf Feron Foil Coil

Frequency Response 

MGRA Floorstander

22 Hz - 20kHz + / - 3dB 

To 150kHz with Super Tweeter


Signature & Reference : 102dB

Nominal Impedance                      

8 ohms

Input Power                    

2- 600 Watts RMS


5-way Binding Posts                   


Floorstander : 20W x 18D x 44H


70 lbs each




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Coherent Audio High Efficiency GR18 Floor Standing Speaker. At True Audiophile

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