Tom Evans Vibe PreAmp 1.7. Total Blackness

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Tom Evans Vibe Mk1.7 PreAmp. The Sound of Nothing.

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This innocent looking preamp from Tom Evans may look unassuming, but the noise floor is so low all you'll hear is pure music without any of the usual harsh or noise -- True Audiophile Mini Review

(an older 6 Moons review with the Six Moons Award)

Closing Thoughts

I think 6moons reader Paul Chefurka sums up the Vibe-Pulse experience pretty well in his e-mail to me after getting a Vibe & Pulse of his own: "I gotta rave at someone this morning, and I suspect you'll understand best. I took delivery of a used Vibe/Pulse last night. It warmed up for an hour, and then proceeded to knock my little cotton socks off. Here's the interesting part. It's driving my super-trick Audion Silver Night MkII PX25 integrated which has a stepped attenuator made of Vishay Dales. I compared running the DAC straight into the amp vs. running it through the Vibe. There was simply no comparison, the Vibe path was better in every regard: transparency, resolution, imaging, dynamics and extension, and the image palpability - wow! But especially, most especially amazing was the musicality. I've never heard this kind of musical intensity from my system. This is just flat-out incredible. I'm now convinced that ordering a Linear A, even unheard, was the right move. To echo Stephæn Harrell: "This is seriously good shit.""

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The Vibe was our extremely well documented and received Pre-Amplifier. A truly great Pre-Amplifier which when correctly matched to a power amplifier (like our own Linear series), became one of the most invisible components in the Hi-Fi World. Never ceasing to amaze listeners and reviewers alike with its resolution of detail and space.

But alas, all things must come to an end…. or must they?

We now bring to you the Vibe mark 1.7, which, like the Phoenix of legend resurrects this incredible pre-amp and indeed improves upon it.

By working on the original design, we have been able to add an additional internal Lithos 7.4 regulator to drive the output stages. This offers a huge sonic improvement to an already class leading performance. To make things even better, we’ve designed this to be a retrofittable upgrade to all of those people out there with original Vibe pre amplifiers, and even as a huge lift to those customers still using the Michell Argo pre-amps.

As a new pre-amp we believe it is beyond reproach, putting it yet further out of reach of other so called esoterically designed (and priced!) manufacturers, and as an upgrade to existing units, this is what many people might refer to as “a no brainer”. 

Use this link to explore the Tom Evans Linear A Integrated Amplifier

Note on the 2.2 Pulse upgraded power supply: This is a much larger and powerful power supply over the stock supply. You will hear a difference.



  • Width: 13 inches 
  • Height: 3.5 inches 
  • Depth: 7 inches


Tom Evans Linear Vibe 1.7 Preamp. True Audiophile

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