Tom Evans Linear B MK3 Mono Blocks. Perfection?

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Tom Evans Linear B Mono Blocks. Is it really possible these are the perfect amps?

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Everything is comparison based. From food to houses to cars to spouses -- to audio. Enough people throughout the world claim these are the perfect amp and destroy amps costing 2x their price. We're in awe. -- True Audiophile Mini Review

Mono and Stereo Review

 I already own Tom Evans Groove x phone preamplifier as part of my reference system. It's by far one of the quietest and fastest phono stages I heard, money no object.

Tom Evans Linear B monoblocks are a rare and unique birds. Eight EL-84 tubes per channel and driven directly by an OP amp. In this configuration EL- 84 are simulating the famous legendary Japanese triode in behavior.

You'll have to take a deep breath when Tom Evans Linear hits your aura. This is like driving Formula One. It is the fact, that Linear B require very good preamp to show it's best, but when paired right, this is one of the few power amps I would call "best".

If this would be packed in the different enclosure and charged "correctly" you would have 50k figure at least.

The Tom Evans Linear B amplifier is truly a revolutionary, ground-breaking design.

Both the Linear A stereo amp, and the Linear B monoblock amps are ultra-wide bandwidth designs with vanishingly low levels of distortion. More importantly, unlike some other amps with those same two qualities, these amps are incredibly involving and a joy to listen to.

The Tom Evans Linear B monoblock amps differ significantly in design from the Linear A stereo amp. The Linear B is not simply a monoblock iteration of the Linear A, but is a new breed of power amplifier.

The Linear B uses Differential Global Feedback, a world first. As a 55 watt mono amplifier, the Linear B is able to produce 150 decibels of dynamic range. The output transformers have been designed to produce real power into loudspeaker impedances of 3 ohms and above.

Listening comments which apply to the Linear A also apply to the Linear B, but more so...

This really will bring your recorded music to life!

The new Mk3 power amps both have 'user variable feedback' a multi position switch sited on the rear of the amps just below the bespoke 'purest' Copper binding posts. Both amp designs have a low enough output impedance when switched to zero feedback to drive a range of impedances that will cover and drive pretty much all speaker designs.

Used in this way they will provide the listener with an accurate reproduction of the recorded event but without the usual dynamic compression and loss of finer detail caused by feedback itself. Both designs will also match the varying impedance of your loudspeakers across frequency assuring a flat in room frequency response (unlike all transistor power amp output stages!).


Type: EL84 triode stereo power amplifier
Analogue input: RCA
Analogue outputs: copper binding posts
Power output: 25W/8 Ohms
Frequency response: 10 Hz-130 kHz (1W), 10 Hz- 23 kHz (full power )
Sensitivity: 560mV (zero feedback)
Gain: not specified
Distortion: input / driver stages intermodulation distortion: -150 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: >-90dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 260 x 475 x 325mm
Shipping weight: 38kg
Warranty: 5 years


Tom Evans Linear B Mono Block amps. True Audiophile

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