Tom Evans Mastergroove Mk3 Shocking Phono Stage

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Tom Evans Mastergroove Mk3. Legendary phono stage hailed by reviewers

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The culmination of all of Tom Evans knowledge appears here in the form of the Worlds Reference Class Master Groove. -- True Audiophile Mini Review

From What HiFi


In the last few years, there are plenty of imported brands that many audio enthusiasts accept as the best in class, so to me, it’s ultra refreshing to hear such a home-grown product that sounds so convincing. £9,000 is a lot of money doesn’t matter which way you look at it, I am not here to justify the recommended retail price as each would have their own opinion on this subject but let me tell you this... Imagine if Tom Evans Mastergroove were built outside the UK, say Switzerland or Germany and imported by one of the biggest hifi outfit in the UK, also imagine if the unit has a large & heavy metal case, finished with gold colour and red trim, the rrp would be at least £20,000 and no one would bat an eye lid!

As for me, the 'war' is won or lost in the phono amp. I just had around 100 people singing “O Fortuna” in my front room, Ozzy also popped in and sang a few tunes, as for Elvis? The rumour has it that he is dead, maybe he is but for about an hour he was only 3 metre away from me.
I just couldn’t imagine it can be better.... Priceless.

The sheer excitement of hearing a record for the first time is a once only occasion. However, image this; hearing your entire record collection with such exquisite detail, such open and transparent depth and soundstage and with such exacting and yet musical presentation that you truly believe that it as if you had never heard them before. Because until you have heard them through a Master Groove that is the truth of the matter.

If the effect of hearing instruments that you have never heard before from a piece of vinyl you believe you know inside and out, leaves you grinning from ear to ear, or crying in the absolute joy of the occasion, then prepare yourself for that very experience.


Facts and figures? Yes of course, more than you can possibly imagine. Let’s narrow it down for you.

The front end gain stages offer more than 50% less noise and distortion than our acclaimed Groove+ SRX and over twice the dynamic range. The signal path resistors use Vishay 0.1% tolerance and 15 parts per million temperature coefficient. That’s 15 per 1,000,000!

Each stage of gain is powered by the latest Lithos 7.4 class ‘A’ local voltage regulators. Both left and right channel local voltage regulators are supplied by our latest higher powered Lithos 6.1 regulators in all 14 PCB’s.

We have even gone to the trouble of designing and winding “in house” a new 200Va Low Flux Transformer with a electrostatic screened primary winding to dramatically reduce RF (Radio Frequency) interference entering the power supply.

Nine values per channel of cartridge loading resistor settings are provided with dip switches on the rear panel and MM and Decca versions can be built to order.

We can quote an array of numbers that speaks volumes about our attention to making sure that every minutiae of signal is passed to you, the listener. But, none of this impressive array of numbers can convey the scope of step forward for vinyl reproduction that one listen can do.

When your Vinyl reproduction needs no excuses, only the very best phono equalization that the World has to offer, then we believe - as do many others - that there is only one choice.

The new MasterGroove MkII is a performance reality that no other manufacturer understands how to equal.

Mono and Stereo Review:

Very recently several new devices have appeared and we were provided with pre production samples to test, and one we have found to be a real gem - ‘The King is dead, long live the King' 
The new more complex front end gain stage PCB’s (printed circuit boards) with the new IC's can now be fitted to both Groove Plus SRX and Mastergroove models as an upgrade to elevate even further the performance and transparency of record play back of these fine Phono Stages to a whole new level.

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  • Width: 270 mm
  • Length: 410 mm 
  • Height: 125 mm 
  • Weight: 16 Kg


Tom Evans Mastergroove Mk3. True Audiophile

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