The Ultimate Audia Flight FLS 10 Integrated Amp

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Ultimate, Fully Balanced Audia Flight FLS 10 Integrated Amp, Dual Mono, Solid State Amplifier. 

At True Audiophile

After running this through the True Audiophile process, Impression are surprise to say the least. Beautiful bloom and an excellent grip on the music. Plenty of power to run even 87dB speakers. Well the demo unit passed the magic 100 hours. Our reviewer was completely stunned. When he researched the reviews they were so eerily familiar to our TA Tester conclusions that it was almost like they plagiarized his words.  Hands down a no-brainer.-- TA




Optional cards:

-MM and MC unbalanced inputs phono board.

-DAC board. One asynchronous USB input (with Galvanic isolation) 32 bit 384KHz and DSD 512. Four digital inputs (2x optical, 1x AES/EBU, 1x SPDIF).

 32bit, 192KHz (with Galvanic isolation).




Ultimate Audia Flight FL S10 Integrated Amp. Now at True Audiophile.

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