Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i Tube Integrated Amp

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Audio Hungary Qualiton 20W NEW A20i Tube Integrated Amp

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We have searched the world for a mid-price superior tube audio line. After many, many years of searching and listening the Audio Hungary, it stunned us with its performance. At these prices they are incredible values. We've talked to AH dealers worldwide and they all say the same, it's a masterpiece at its price. As soon as they heard the line they took it. Customers and reviews are all raves. -- True Audiophile

This is Audio Hungary's new line. As gorgeous to look at as it is to hear. You will not be disappointed. 

New reviews are coming in. Meantime, here some on its predecessor. And you know they improved them. Just our favorite tube gear we've heard in many years.

Available for Demo if you live in the Portland area.


Part Time Audiophile loves it. "Auditory Bliss"

I enjoyed my time with the Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i and if I didn’t have the Audio Space in-house, I’d be very sad to have the Qualiton tube amplifier leave. 

So, what are our eastern block audio engineers sending you for $4995.00 MSRP? The Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i is that type of amplifier that hits that price point above entry-level tube amps and below megabuck tube amps.

Sonically, I think it lives up to its price point, delivering a solid tube experience. It definitely isn’t dry or analytical like some megabuck tube amps, but it also isn’t as syrupy as some tube amplifiers I’ve heard. The Audio Hungary Qualiton strikes a good balance between these two extremes in my opinion. The transformers and power supplies are powerful enough to drive a hungry inefficient speaker like the Vandersteen Model 3 with far more punch than I was expecting.

If you are looking for a tube amplifier in this price point, which is a fairly competitive price point for tube gear, I would recommend adding the Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i to your audition list. It looks great, has a wonderful power supply, and is a solid performer sonically. I know that Audio Hungary has some newer models being released soon. Keep an eye out for more reviews in PTA in the near future.

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Audio Beatnik: 

Qualiton A20i; a Very Listenable “No Compromise” Amp with Quality and Sound. Another first impression was the superb vertical soundstaging. The amp has an uncanny way of letting you hear things at different heights as well as left and right in relationship to each other and space.

What I can also tell you about the A20i is how well it lets you in on the textures and harmonics of music; how the sounds decay, how the music blooms and the emotions of real music. It’s about experiencing the sounds and feelings of music in a way that enables you to overcome the electronic listening experience. To me, the A20i conveys a seamless continuity of the instruments in their space. The end result is an amp that lets you listen to music and often forget the equipment.

I was also really pleased with the bass of the A20i, especially from a 20-watt tube amp. The sound of drums, acoustic and electric basses had a good impact. These instruments had air and natural, realistic warmth to the bass. Not only did it allow you to hear this air and warmth without even the slightest hint of boom, looseness or hangover in the bass or midbass. This characteristic sound of bass instruments was carried all the way up into the upper mid-bass. The sound was quick with fast attacks followed by beautiful full decay that lets you hear different layers of the timber of the instruments. I think this is part of what enables this amp to play plucked strings with such realism. I want to state again that this amp has a bass with real impact and with the speed of the best transistor amps that I have ever heard without the over-tightness of many of them. It comes close to having the bloom, warmth, and air of SET amps.

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This amp and its big brother were reviewed by a very experienced audiophile as coming very, very close to a world famous $20,000 amp. Yes, the sound that good.

The Qualiton A20i is a Stereo, Class-A integrated amplifier featuring push-pull circuitry. The rated power output of the appliance is 20 W at the most, each side. The outputs at the rear panel can be connected to 8 Ω nominal impedance speakers. The design of the output transformers of the power amp enable to connect the amp with 4 Ω nominal impedance speakers as well. This entails a slight deviation from the parameters indicated in the technical data sheet.

At the front panel, the volume control potentiometer and the input selector rotary switch are connected to the same shaft. Indicators informing about the actual state of the amp are located at the front panel too. It can be monitored whether the appliance is ready for operation (if so, the LED next to the volume control turns from red to white light). The user is also informed about the actual position of the input selector unit. The amp is made of solid, 1.5 mm thick, polished stainless steel sheet.  

See the new review video. Hint: He LOVED it. "Holographic Magic", "This amp can Boogle", "No problem driving any speaker I've had in here", "Liquid Midrange", "This Amp is Legit!", "It's a Winner!" CLICK HERE or just watch it on our video section along with our unboxing video.


Warranty: 2 Years. Tubes 6 Months.

Qualiton NEW A20i Specifications


Rated output power 2 x 20 W, stereo
Total harmonic distortion < 0.3% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)
Frequency response 25 Hz - 100 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)
Input sensitivity 230 mV, unbalanced input
Number of input ports 3 unbalanced input per channel
Number of output ports 1 output terminal pair per channel
Gain +34.8 dB
Input impedance 10 kOhm
Nominal load impedance 8 Ohm
Output polarity non-inverting
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dB; output noise less, than 1 mV
Power requirements 150 W
Tubes required 4 x 5881; 2 x E88CC/6922; 2 x ECC83
Weight 35.25 pounds
Dimensions 10.6 x 7 x 11.8 in



Audio Hungary Qualiton Integrated A20i Amp. Now at True Audiophile.

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