Stage III Medusa Jumpers Silver/Palladium Conductors.

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If your speakers are bi-wireable, but you are not using bi-wire speaker cables, quality speaker jumpers can make a dramatic sonic improvement. The jumpers provided with most speakers can actually limit full performance. -- True Audiophile mini review

Speaker Jumper Product Specifications:

The construction and level of performance of STAGE III speaker jumpers corresponds with the speaker cables of the same name: 

Medusa speaker jumpers employ 8 expanded cross-section, Cyro-treated, pure silver/palladium alloy AeroStrand Ultra™ ribbon conductors. FEP Teflon air-tubes with dual layer ASPIS + plated copper braid shield. Terminated with Ultra-High-Current solid silver reference spades (or) silver-plated pure copper bananas.

All speaker jumpers are available in custom lengths and use solid silver spades as standard termination (banana terminations optional).

Medusa Speaker Jumpers:
Solid silver spades or silver plated pure copper bananas; Set of 4
• Up to 8 inch..... $2,500  
• Up to 12 inch... $3,600
• Up to 18 inch... $4,700

True Audiophile | Stage III  Speaker Jumpers PURE SILVER CONDUCTORS

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