Stage III Chimaera Ultimate Resolution Digital Link

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Stage III  Chimaera Ultimate Resolution Digital Link 1 Meter

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A.S.P. REFERENCE CHIMAERAdigital cables are coaxial and employ a single Aerostrand Ultra™ palladium/silver alloy conductor in addition to a fine mesh silver braid return. Dielectric inner core tubes contain a semi-vacuum, drawn to 675mmHG. H.D.A. foil/nickel plated braid shielding. 

Multi-layer construction with silica/ceramic/ferrite mechanical damping/shielding layer. Custom carbon fiber cable housings. 

Dual cryo-treatment. Available with 75 ohm WBT Nextgen Silver RCA plugs or Furutech silver/rhodium BNC connectors. Balanced AES/EBU version available terminated with specially modified 110 ohm Furutech XLR plugs with solid silver contacts.

A.S.P. REFERENCE CHIMAERA digital cable's unique design and features make them the fastest, most precise digital interconnects in the market, possessing an almost perfectly synergistic combination of conductor, insulation and shield. Inconsistent signal integrity and timing errors are virtually eliminated.

A properly-carried and well-protected digital signal, free of jitter and errors will allow your system to recreate music with an unfiltered sonic clarity and accuracy that was previously unattainable.

The enviable performance of all A.S.P. series cables make them the definitive statement in advanced, ultra-high performance audio interface technology.

RCA or BNC Type:

• $7,600 1 meter
Add $2,800 per .5 meter

XLR Type:

• $8,800 1 meter
Add $3,300 per .5 meter

True Audiophile | Stage III  Chimaera Ultimate Resolution Digital Link 1 Meter

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