Revelation Prophecy CAT8+/RJ-45 i2s Ethernet Digi Link

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Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy CAT8+/RJ-45 i2s, Ethernet Digital Link

With the advent of high end streaming services, there's been a vacuum on high end ethernet cables. Using a computer cable on your nice new device is a disservice. RAL is the one company that put in the time/R&D to come up with an audio grade solution. We've tested them and they are all they claim to be... -- True Audiophile quick review

Completely new, updated design. Whereas RAL previous design is widely considered the gold standard, this revision takes performance to a whole new level. Deep cryogenic treated 5N pure solid core CryoSilver™ conductors, Big Air™ dielectrics, Mil. Spec. shieldings (solid and braided OFC).

Finest ultra high quality premium German-made heavy cast solid metal shell connector. The connector is extremely effective at providing outstanding shielding characteristics, while its high mass reduces the unwanted affects of vibration, and is extremely rugged and well made for many years of trouble-free service, compared to the frail and delicate nature of typical low-cost RJ-45 connectors.

The interior cavity is potted by our injection process with an aerospace dielectric compound, further reducing vibration and resonance, and increasing reliability through providing mechanical stress relief. Internal solderless terminations are treated with Walker Audio Extreme SST™ contact enhancer during cable fabrication. Ceramic MicroSphere™ conduit for dissipation of vibration and resonance. Anthony Perrotta of Perrotta Consulting, North American distributor for North Star Design, says our RJ-45 i2s Ethernet cable aptly outperforms the >$2K White Gold i2s cable commissioned by North Star Design 

Price is for 0.65 Meter length

$100 per additional 0.75-meter

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Revelation Audio Prophecy CAT8+/RJ-45 i2s Ethernet Digital Link

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