Revelation Audio Paradise Cryo-Silver Reference Phono

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Revelation Audio Paradise Cryo-Silver™ Reference Tone Arm Interconnect

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We have listened to the full line from Revelation Audio Labs and with many audiophiles in attendance we've concluded this represents the best value in silver audio analog connectors. -- True Audiophile mini review

Recent review in a customer's system: FYI, the setup guy from Bluebird/SME was at my house yesterday to set up the table and he LOVED your cable.  So much so he took a pic of the instruction sheet and asked questions about them as they / the system sounds good, and he is a total analog guy.   Just thought you should know. 

Features "shotgun" design, flying ground, Cardas 5-pin DIN connector. Or RCA, please specify when ordering.

  • Unbalanced version features the new WBT-0102 Ag Nextgen™ (silver) Signature RCA connectors.
  • Balanced version features top-of-the-line Swiss-made Neutrik X-HD male XLR connectors with silver contacts.
Length: 1.25 Meter
$200 per additional 0.5-meter
Choose either RCA or Balanced/XLR connectors. Note the jacketing now is in the special carbon. We can supply just about any color you desire.
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Revelation Audio Labs Paradise Cryo-Silver™ Reference Phono/Tone Arm Interconnect cable at True Audiophile

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Condition: New
Width: 13.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
Shipping: Free Shipping
Warranty: Reviews from real customers: “I own both the Graham IC-50 and IC-70 tone arm cable. The IC-70 is the superior cable of the two. Using the IC-70 the last several years with the Graham 2.2 tone arm, Koetsu Jade Platinum cartridge, and Basis Debut Vacuum turntable has been very enjoyable. A problem developed after I replaced the Graham 2.2 tone arm with the Graham Phantom tone arm. The Phantom is a far more revealing tone arm than the 2.2. The IC-70 cable now sounded bright and hard, grainy at the high end and weak in the bass. The biggest loss was the richness of the Koetsu midrange. I'm not taking about warmth, but a very thin sound with loss of body to the midrange of the Koetsu. I replaced the Graham IC-70 cable with a Revelation Audio Labs Paradise Cryo-Silver Reference Tone Arm Phono cable. The Revelation was burned in with a friend's Cable Cooker after I owned it one week. After several weeks of burn-in, the sound is outstanding! The Revelation Audio Labs is the best phono cable I have heard; and I have tried many. The highs are detailed without hardness; the midrange is rich and musical. The bass is tight, deep and powerful. The soundstage is huge with enhanced depth. Most importantly, it draws me into the musical performance. In the past, I was sucked up in the audiophile fantasyland of cables. I owned very expensive Transparent Audio cables. My "Revelation" occurred after I tried a relatively inexpensive cable and found it to be superior to the Transparent cables I owned. This does not mean Transparent Audio is dishonest; they are excellent in marketing their product. Remember, they are a business, not a charity. We consumers have to use our heads and mostly our ears. My system is now entirely Revelation Audio Labs cables. I ordered Paradise balanced interconnect cables and Testament loudspeaker cables from Revelation Audio Labs. They are far less in price than the Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and Silversmith Silver speaker cables I am presently using. I have found that price has very little to do with the ultimate sonic experience with cables. I guess it took me a long time to think for myself. Remember that Revelation Audio Labs sells direct. It is a small operation with no dealer network, minimal inventory; they build cables when they are ordered. Overhead is far less here than a company such as Kimber or Cardas. Also, the usual dealer markup in audio is 40%. The dealer has his overhead as well. Is the Revelation Audio Labs the best phono cable? How could I ever know or determine this. The important thing is that it gives me a great deal of pleasure when listening to my music. This is what excites me. By the way, don't you ever try a Precept AC power cable from Revelation Audio Labs. Like a XXX potato chip, you can't stop at one! I purchased seven (7) of these babies because I felt they were outrageously good. This, my friend, is the pure audio hobby: buying an unknown product with most likely a very limited resale value — buying a product because it fulfills your musical expectations. The Revelation Audio Labs cables have provided me with one fine ride.” — S.P. “Finally found the time to get my dealer to come over and set up the Phantom arm two weeks ago. When he had finished, he said he was not happy with this particular sample and asked Graham for another one. This took an extra week to arrive from the States. Anyway, we finally kicked off last Friday and everything sounded good but we had a system hum. So yesterday morning I opened up my ancient Sonic Frontiers step up amp and pre-amp, meticulously took out every valve and cleaned their plugs, etc., as well as all the RCA's on the back plate. That did the trick. Basically, the system has no particular sound, it just plays music, which is what it should do. All I can say is that considering the front end sets the pace of the whole system, the arm, cartridge, turntable and your cable simply have no sonic signature I can detect. As a combo, they are totally neutral, not bright, not dull, just totally transparent and not there. Thanks for a great cable! PS: system is as follows: Simon Yorke S7 turntable, Graham Phantom tone arm, Virus MC cartridge (limited production from Switzerland), Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 Signature series pre-amp, Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Signature series phono stage, Gamut D200 Mk 3 power amp, Magnepan 2.7 speakers.” — God Bless, Ian, UK