NOS Vacuum Tubes, MilSpec and specials

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We have a special selection of MilSpec and Special Editions. Matched pairs. Singles available as well. Normally these are only available to customers. Please inquire for brand, type and qty. These are from a private collection so only the best most desirable brands are selected. TungSol, Sylvania, MilSpec, Gold Lion (real ones not reissue), Ken Rad, RCA, Raytheon, GE, Phillips Holland, Brimar, Philco, Cunningham, Siemens, Telefunken, Mullard.

Octals and 9-pins. Types include: 6SN7, VT231, 12SN7, 6SL7, 6L6, 5692, 5691, 6550, 5670, 717A, 5814A, 12AU7, 6V6GT, 407A, 7061, 5AR4, GZ34, 227, 5R4GY, 5751, ECL86, U709 GOLD LION (real not repro), EX80, EX86, 12BZ7, 6X5, E90C, 5670, 6AX5, 5881, 6CG7, 5963, 6N1P, 6X4, 6V6, 6AU6, 12AX7 (many Telefunken), ECC85, ECC83, ECC81, CV4004, JG5814a, 6201, 6071, 5963, 6201, 6189, EZ80, EZ81, 5965


NOTE: Naturally these are limited supply so we reserve them for our customers. Meaning if you never purchased gear from us, we won't be able to sell them to you.

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