NEW Rekkord Record Cleaner MkII. New Internal Design

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New Record Cleaning Machine by Rekkord Solid European Designed & Built

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No, really.

THEN WHERE are they?!

This is like some shaggy dog story. If we weren't so stubbornly patient wanting

to offer a reasonably priced record cleaner, we would've given up long ago.

Again we called and got yet another confirmation the very latest iteration are soon on their way from Germany.

It now looks like, well, we cannot get a commitment beyond 2023.

This is trying ours and everyone's patience.

So all we can all do is take another deep breath knowing it has a final delay for a quality reasons.

Price has not been set, but will be very affordable. Apparently, that is the issue. With affordability comes wait.

Best it be perfect and affordable. We've looked at alternatives and looked at their prices and... (posted 11/25)


The new REKKORD RCM is a high-performance record cleaning machine with an ultra-powerful vacuum motor and cleaning efficiency that far exceeds the typical performance characteristics of other cleaners in this price-range.

To effectively clean the grooves, you need to wet clean the record. The REKKORD RCM completely cleans records in two rotations with its super powerful vacuum motor.

The very best results are achieved with one rotation forward followed by one backwards.

To achieve the perfect cleaning, we also need a suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can destroy musical micro information of the grooves. That‘s the reason why we use an eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid.

The aluminium surface is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising the chassis. The REKKORD RCM is made in Europe with high quality materials and an excellent build-quality.




Forward and Reverse Scrubbing Action

Quieter Motor

Auto Shut-Off in case user forgets to drain reservoir

Vacuum Tube for 10" and 7" records available

Greater Precision machining and function

Complete with Record Cleaning Fluid and Goat Hair Brush

Availible in Black or White

Optional Dust Cover

Wide x Height x Depth: 16.5 x 11 x 13 inches
Weight: 12 lbs


AL NEW Rekkort Record Cleaner MkII. New internal design. At True Audiophile

Products Reviews

Written by Jason on 18th Aug 2018

A practical indulgence

I used to avoid buying used vinyl because I could never seem to get it clean. I'd end up cleaning my precious needle. But even new albums could have some annoying pops and static and I learned that all vinyl can benefit from a cleaning of this kind. It has really paid off. Barring significant physical damage to used records, I buy them now and they generally clean up very well. The Okki Nokki is the only cleaner I've used, so I can't compare it to anything else. That said, I find it simple to use and the unit is built very solid.

Written by Steve on 24th Apr 2018

Great record cleaner and great value

The Okki Nokki works very well. It cleans and vacuums on the top side so you control the process (my previous cleaner worked from the bottom), it has a record clamp to prevent slipping and rotates both directions to insure the grooves are clean. Looks like the vacuum is strong enough to remove the cleaning fluid in the first pass but I give it two or three to be sure. It looks great and doesn't take much space. I highly recommend it. The solid dust cover completes the look.

Written by Corinne on 31st May 2016

Worth every penny! 100% satisified!

I wanted to buy my husband a record cleaner for his birthday so after months and months of research, I finally settled on the Okki Nokki and pulled the trigger on this phenomenal piece of machinery. I watched a YouTube tutorial beforehand and was very glad to be forewarned to look out for sellers pushing the older model with a few defects that were corrected in this new model. I did come very close to ordering for the exact same price through Amazon Prime but after heeding that warning and looking very closely at the fine print I discovered it was indeed the older model! So I went back to the YouTube tutorial and researched the company that published the video and landed here at True Audiophile. And I just want to say to anyone considering such an investment... please, PLEASE order through True Audiophile. Hands down BEST customer service, and it arrived EXTREMELY well-packaged in just a few days! Anyway, I'm having a hard time finding words to describe the pure awesomeness of this record cleaner! We immediately cleaned up an old folk album we knew needed some serious work and it is now so crisp and clean it literally brought me to tears listening to it. As one of my favorites growing up and into adulthood, I'd listened to that record about a million times and it is quite literally the difference between night and day. I can't recommend this enough for vinyl lovers; you will hear all your vinyl in a totally new way and never look back. This thing simply breathes new life into new and old vinyl. We're hearing ALL the frequencies now… crisp, clean highs and punchy, even lows. Ear candy! The ONLY tiny thing we find a bit weird is that it doesn't come with a dust cover?? There is one you can buy separately but we're not sure why, at this price point, it would not be included. I just saw the price of those went from like a hundred bucks to about fifty bucks, but still seems odd that it would be an optional accessory sold separately as I'm sure 100% of people would rather have one than not have one. Just a minor complaint and really no big deal; we'll probably buy one eventually and not think about it again. It doesn't detract from the functionality of the product and I am still giving a 5-star review! My husband told me this is a dream come true for him to finally own something like this and I am so pleased and proud to be able to do it for him and make him so happy. He's like a kid in a candy store and it warms my heart! We are serious vinyl lovers/collectors and feel as though this machine has taken our love to a level we never thought possible. Plus, my husband is a sound guy and very happy to be turned onto this website. Great customer service and top-notch quality products for true audiophiles!! In conclusion, if you are considering the investment but may be turning a little green at the price I want to reiterate that it is worth every penny and I guarantee you will agree once you clean and listen to that first record!

Written by Stephen on 26th May 2015

Okki MKII is top notch

First, thanks to Marc at for his excellent communication and sales assistance. About 5 months ago I was looking for a RCM. I got a Spinclean which is good for bulk cleaning but I wanted to clean a record at a time and a RCM is the only way to go. I looked at Nitty Gritty but ruled it out quickly because I didn't like the fact that it didn't have a full size platter. I wanted to clean the record with my own hand and didn't want to be able to only apply pressure in a small area. (My friend has a Nitty and the vacuum is louder too.) I'd rather spend my money on equipment and records than a RCM, so for my budget there's really only two choices, VPI and Okki Nokki. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and I was sold on the Okki for several reasons. The Okki is smaller, looks cleaner and more elegant, is made of material resistant to water or cleaner and has a two way motor. However, after reading the Stereophile review, and a few other reviews that mentioned the same couple items, I was a bit set back. Several people had trouble with the clamp down; they had trouble with the threads. Also, there were several complaints with the end of the drain plug. Shortly after reading these reviews I saw that Okki was releasing a completely redesigned MKII and I hoped they had addressed these issues. I can say the following having used this MKII for about a month. I have had no trouble with the clamp down and the drain plug is a redesign which too has not been a problem. The machine is excellent. I have the black model which looks like a piece of audiophile equipment. The vacuum is as quiet as a vacuum could be and dries the record with no problem. I saw in a couple videos when the vacuuming was complete and the wand came up it left a bead of cleaner on the record. I've had no such problem. I dry two revolutions, turn off the vacuum and it comes up clean. What impressed me most is the torque of the motor. Obviously I don't press too hard when cleaning but you can apply more than enough force without any stress on the motor and reduction in speed. The platter is solid and the mat is clean. I have seen and used the VPI and the Okki is far better, for about the same money, or less, you get a hands down superior product. I'm sure you’re wondering if there are any negatives and I do have a couple small ones. The brush that comes with the Okki is fine for a dry cleaning and OK if you're applying an enzymatic cleaner or other cleaner that is only to be spread and not "scrubbed" into the record. (You never scrub but for lack of a better term that’s what I used.) There really isn't any better brush than the Disc Doctor brushes so I recommend them highly. As I'm familiar with DD solution I am using that too and can't really comment on the Okki solution since I haven't used it yet. The cover is optional which I guess makes sense for those that don’t want one but I can’t imagine not getting the cover. It’s nicely built, but I wish it fit more snug on top. There’s a raised edge around the top and it seems it could have been fit against that edge better. The vacuum arm can swing outside the edge so be sure you have it inside before setting the cover down. The manual says to line up two bumps on the vacuum arm but there’s only one. I wonder if this is a redesign and the manual wasn’t updated. No big deal. The manual keeps stressing things not to do or the warranty will be voided. I understand their need to protect themselves but it comes across a bit confrontational. I’ll sum up by saying that I recommend this RCM whole heartedly. I would buy Disc Doctor brushes no matter what RCM I bought so that’s not an issue. The cover is a tiny personal observation. This RCM is an excellent machine and I’m thrilled with my purchase.

Written by Thomas Peterson on 14th May 2015

Muscle and Style

Amazing machine that is built like a tank, and looks awesome next to my turntable too I've had this about a month and so far it rocks the hell out of my albums and let's them be all they can be. True Audio staff got me this within 3 days even when they were sold out!!! Highly recommended to all vynal lovers hands down. T

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