All NEW Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaner MkII. All -New Internal Design.

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Awaiting Shipment. Now also a new Importer.


Updated April 2024 - We were told good news is finally coming. While it completely blows it's been taking so long, the positive is our distributor is insanely picky. An anecdote is a manufacturer for another product visited them and asked, "What's up with all the record cleaning machines?"

Meaning they buy all that are available and none pass the test. So the ensuing good news should be a reliable and affordable machine.

Once sorted, we will naturally start selling them.

Again, our sincere apologies. We don't like the situation either.

 -- TA


Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaner. All new  design. At True Audiophile

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Condition: New
Width: 14.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 14.00
Shipping: $19.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Warranty: Reviews of Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

This review is for MKI version. MkII just released resolves any small concerns.

"...Okki Nokki cleaned the living crap out of my records. I don't know if it was that strange, fragrant fluid, that soft-bristled brush, or what, but the Okki Nokki seemed more efficient at cleaning records than my VPI, restoring my filthiest records to like-new condition with just a couple of revolutions." -- Stephen Mejias Stereophile
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