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Miyajima Labs Takumi Stereo Cartridge. Entry, without Entry Sonics

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The Takumi is the entry level Miyajima: Smooth. Never anything if not musical. Never offensive.-- TA quick Review

Stereotimes: the Takumi is a serious reference quality cartridge, and I’m seriously thinking of making it my reference cartridge. That’s saying something, because I have loved my Benz Micro Ace for a long time. It’s not perfect, I wouldn’t feed it a steady diet of my Parliament/Funkadelic albums. Rendering a wave of synthesizers and throbsonics-butt-thumping-bass just isn’t its thing. But if you’re looking to settle into the sweet spot, dim the lights, poor yourself a nice glass of Riesling and be transported to an intimate music venue, then you can’t go wrong with the Miyajima Labs Takumi. Its sound and build quality make it worth seeking out and its price tag makes it a serious bargain. Considering that this is their least expensive cartridge, I’m really curious about what a little more money might get. It’s hard to imagine more. Highly recommended. Read the full article HERE.

The sound of Takumi is clear and soft.
Takumi adapts to various arms.
Takumi focuses on usability.
Miyajima reduced production cost of Takumi to reduce a price.
The structure is a cross ring method in the same way as their more expensive cartridges.

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 Maker  Miyajima-Laboratory
 Product name  Stereo cartridge -Takumi-
 Impedance  About 16 ohms (About 0.2mV output)
 Frequency range (-3dB)  20 Hz to 25 kHz
 Tracking force  2.3 g
 Stylus Shape  bonded elliptical diamond stylus
 Compliance (10Hz)  around 9×10-6cm/dyne
 Appropriate temperature  20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
 68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)
 Weight  About 8.9g
 Size  W 17.8mm × D 21.9mm (excluding terminals)
 Body  African Blackwood















Miyajima Labs Takumi Stereo Cartridge. Now at True Audiophile

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