LessLoss 640x Firewall Conditioner Hearing is believing

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LessLoss 640x FireWall Single Unit Conditioner. No Caps. No Coils. Almost Magic

At True Audiophile.

Available for Audio Concierge (in Home Demo)

We have consistently listened to audio cables in a quest to find the ultimate performance for price. We've known about the vaulted LessLoss line for a while and now we have become one of only 2 dealers in the U.S. to be given the privilege to offer the full line. A little too much gushing? You won't think so when you hear them.-- Mini Review by True Audiophile


"Without direct experience, it’s very easy to label C-MARC Firewall 64X as a typical snake oil case. A rather costly petite wooden box filled with stuff most people won’t even bother to read about, is asking for nothing but trouble. However, its audible action is what naysayers might find truly troublesome instead. All it takes is to plug today’s Firewall in and have a listen. Simple, ain’t it?...


... plus audible performance boost within each junction of my setup, are clear indicators of a job well done. In fact, well enough to now encourage you to try for yourself ...for the educational sake of witnessing how beneficial silence injection can be for our components. But most importantly, as a link between my DAC and power cable connected to a wall outlet directly, the LessLoss C-MARC Firewall 64X was profoundly effective, very much unexpected, all in all superb. Used in that way it surely has what it takes to dethrone many full-sized costly power cleaners, of course as long as one’s willing to get on without their protective circuits and multiple outlets. ‘Till next time!" Dawid Grzyb,HiFi Knights 2019

"best I have experienced in my system."

November, 2021, author: Ken Redmond 
"it succeeded in giving me that '3 am' listening experience"

"a layer of artificiality is removed to reveal a more truthful presentation of the music and the artist's intent"

"The colors were richer, the palette was more profound, and the background canvas was calmer. Everything results in an acoustic image that is less distracting"

"Upon initial listening, I was immediately struck by the change the Firewall 640x brought to my sound."

"The tension that I associate with electronic reproduction in general and digital reproduction specifically was significantly reduced"

"It was simply easier to listen to music and allow myself to be fooled by the illusion and bath in that illusion for long periods."

"It is as if my whole body relaxes and does not feel the need to "work" to listen to the music."

"The entire performance was raised to a level I had not previously heard in my listening room"

"The performers' individuality was more outlined, and the Wah-Wah sounds of the different horns were very distinct. I could tell if the horn was directly facing me or slightly off-angle."

"the Firewall 640X takes applause to a new level of reality in my system. The individuality of the clapping hands and the character of each clap is much better distinguished. Crowd noise and whistling in the background, along
with the applause, were all the best I have experienced in my system."

"quiet details are more fully revealed and subtle notes have a bit more dynamic quality standing out against the background in more significant relief."

"The decay of notes and the sense of space is magnified, pulling you into the music. As the piece progresses to its peak, instruments remain locked in place and maintain their individuality." 

"I did not sense any dynamic compression with the Firewall in place."

"I was enamored by the impact of the Firewall 640x. Piano tone and body take on greater weight, and individual notes become more easily understood. The very subtle nuances of Ms. Horn's singing were more apparent. Sighs and breaths took on a more significant role in the emotion of the song."

"Brushes on the skin of a drumhead are more detailed, and I was able to understand better the drummer 'working' the brush on the drum."

"The impact of the Firewall 640x was not subtle, and it was quickly apparent in my system. Many types of information were more readily revealed, the space the recording was made in, the reverberation trail of the instruments, the individual components of harmony, subtle inflections of the artist on their instrument. Voices and instruments have a more truthful timbre and occupy a more believable space and yield more dynamic expression within that space. All of this led me to feel more connected with the music as it sounded less reproduced and more accurate. I will say this 'connection to the music' was more consistently present in my system throughout the day and night than has been in the past."

"I will tell you now that I will be adding the LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC to my list of 'waypoint' products that have reset my expectations in a product category."

Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere.



Less Loss 64X Firewall Conditioner. At True Audiophile

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