Hypsos FE Amazing Linear Power Supply

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Hypsos FE Amazing Linear Power Supply takes your audio to New Sonic Heights.

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We listen to lots of linear power supplies. Many are just ok. Some make a difference, yet not enough to justify their price. Then we got ears on the Hypsos FE. Oh yeah. That's the product we were hoping to hear. Quite impressive at a fair price. -- TA

Ferrum HYPSOS. A first-of-its-kind hybrid DC power supply

Precise voltage regulation and extremely low noise deliver greater dynamics, improved resolution of low-level sounds, and a more three-dimensional soundstage.

Suitable for DACs,preamps, phonostages, powered speakers and more. Compatible with most hi-fi devices.

Brought to you by the design & engineering team behind the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge.


Hybrid design combines the best power-sensing features of both linear and switching power supplies Software-controlled operation for intuitive and lightning-fast setup Sweet-spot tuning — experiment with the +/- 5% fine-tuning range (increments of 0.1V) to find the most musical voltage output Wide continuous voltage range of 5-30V with up to 6A of current.


“Let’s call the Hypsos’ biggest gift fuller satisfaction from listening at lower SPL. That’s wildly more practical than most people credit or ever think of when they shop for hifi... resolution, contrast, microdynamics and focus all had gone up.” // 6 Moons

“Feeding a series of new and legacy USB, S/PDIF and network-attached DACs from iFi Audio, Arcam, Pro-Ject, Mytek and Chord among others revealed, to a greater or lesser extent, an improvement in the general smoothness, liquidity and ‘easiness’ of the sound.” // HiFi News

“I don’t know of another power supply this versatile, functional, easy to use, and — important to me! — so nicely and solidly put together. [...] It transformed the sound not by simple modification but far more thoroughly and comprehensively. The presentation on the one hand was softer and more natural, on the other hand more resolving.” // HighFidelity.pl


A low-ripple switching power supply with input filter and double output filter is following by a low drop-out regulator. After this, a double-stage IEC input filter provides additional hum reduction. These stages combined offer very strong ripple rejection and make the powered device virtually impervious to fluctuating mains power. The result is low ripple, an incredibly low noise floor, a fast transient response and very high efficiency.


With a proprietary cable design and feedback ensuring flat voltage at every moment, users can ensure the exact voltage level is precisely maintained at the point of the powered device’s DC input terminal, irrespective of the current consumption. This eliminates the effect of cable resistance.


Fine-tune the output voltage to find the best sound. Maximum allowable voltage information from the list of compatible devices is embedded into this feature.


The switching frequency is variable rather than fixed, which has the effect of smearing any associated EMI/RF disturbances from the conversion process over the entire frequency band — effectively lowering their total level


Hypsos is compatible with Apple TV remotes and trigger in/out connectors. Power-up with standby mode can be automated even without a dedicated trigger connection.


Comes with a high-quality DC power cable fitted to order, enabling connection to the vast majority of suitable audio electronics. Hypsos also comes loaded with a large and growing list of pre-configured voltage settings for many popular devices on the market today.


Automatic Transformer Voltage Adjust (ATVA), Electronic Output Voltage Polarity Switch and Overvoltage, current limit and short protection.

Comes with 0.5m DC power cord, spare fuses & 3-year manufacturer warranty

Hypsos FE Amazing Linear Power Supply. Now at True Audiophile.

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