Audion Sterling Stereo EL 34 Anniversary HW Stereo Amp

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Audion Sterling 34 Anniversary Hardwired Stereo Amplifier

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This is just a lovely sounding, organic presentation amplifier. It has a sweetness to it, rather than an analytical sound. Hard to make a mistake ordering one of these... Mini Review by True Audiophile 

HiFi Critic Best Buy Review

In use, the Audion proved to be quite a joy, as its controls were simple enough once one had got used to the unorthodox lever switch arrangement. It behaved itself immaculately during testing and appeared to have plenty of power and heft to drive the AN-J loudspeakers. 

So let’s go back to the company’s mission statement for producing equipment that delivers great sound for the money? Have they achieved that? Well, I would have to say that the Sterling EL34 Anniversary has succeeded in spades. It is not a huge amount of money for such a sweet-sounding, detailed and musical performer. 

I am happy to give it a Best Buy rating, and suggest that if you’re looking for an integrated amplifier at around £1,500 to £2,500, overlook this design at your peril. -- HiFi Critric Review Dec 2018

This Audion amp is hard wired point to point using higher grade components and larger, hand-built, Audion wound output transformers (EI96).

The Audion Stering 34 is auto biased and will take almost any EL34 (supplied with JJ tubes) delivers a conservative 12 CLEAN watts into 8 ohms. Has the power of competitors boasting 24-30W.

This next level combination makes for smooth transients, good signal handling and tight response curves. There is an audible difference with the Audion Anniversary products, due to the larger transformers and better grade components over the Mk1 printed circuit board models. This pentode based EL34 stereo amp uses a small amount of feedback in the design.

The Audion Sterling 34 amplifier is a very conservative rated power amplifier and musical straight out of the box. The Sterling Anniversary is a good entry level hard wired (Air Wired©) Class A power amplifier, sonically very airy with good response.  It sounds far better than its price suggests. In most cases competing with products 1.5 - 2x its price point.

This Audion Sterling is suited for use with loudspeakers of 89db or better efficiency. The Audion Sterling is a good entry level hard wired Class A power amplifier at a very appealing price. 2 years.

Optional upgrades are interstage capacitors and superior resistors. Prices quoted per request due to changing market pricing.

Components of the Audion components:

  • Transformers and chokes are design and handmade by Audion: Mains, chokes and output transformers.
  • Superior quality parts sourced from Europe or the US. Even the capacitors are made to Audion’s exacting specifications.
  • Chassis’ are finished in-house which includes powder coating and electroplating to ensure quality.
  • Special voicing of Audion amplifiers requires every part be meticulously designed to meet their standards.
  • Every component is hand built usually point to point. Once burned in they listen again in case they are not satisfied before releasing each unit.

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Warranty: Tubes 6 months.

Audion Sterling 34 Specifications:

Power: 2 x 12 Watts Class A into 8 Ohms at 120V AC
Load: 8 Ohm Nominal
Distortion @ 1 Watt: Frequency Response: 14 to >40KHz ±1 db
Sensitivity: Variable >200mV Full output
Noise: < (CCIR) – 85 db
Consumption: 140 Watts 
Tubes: 2 x EL34, 2 x 6H1N
Size - 16.5in deep, 9in wide and 7.4in tall - Less tubes 
Weight 31 lbs
Fuses - Power 4A / 120V  HT 1A / 120V


Audion Sterling Stereo EL34 Anniversary Hardwired  Stereo Amplifier. Rave Reviews. Now at True Audiophile.

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Warranty: Reviews of Audion Sterling Anniversary Stereo Hard Wired Amplifier: RAVE REVIEW in The Absolute Sound, March 2012 issue calling it "highly recommended" and a "Music Lovers Delight" by Dick Olsher

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