AirTight PC-1 Supreme Phono Cartridge. Superior.

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AirTight Reference PC-1 Supreme MC Cartridge. Rarified Playback.

At True Audiophile

AirTight is legendary for build and performance. This reference PC-1 Supreme MC Cartridge is a superb example. Near ultimate, which would be the Opus 1 -- TA

Positive Feedback

As you go up the line from the PC1s --> Supreme --> Opus, you'll find each piggybacks on the strengths of the prior and enlarges the distance between you and the mechanical process at work. The Supreme began this process; the Opus completes it. But there's a caveat: your gear has to be at a certain level. Read the full Review

Part Time Audiophile

"The Bottom Line"

You may ask: is the Supreme’s performance improvement over the Allaerts proportional to the price differential? No. While the Supreme’s obviously better, there’s no way I’d describe its performance as more than twice that of the Allaerts. And, frankly, I would have been surprised if the Supreme thoroughly trounced the Allaerts.  Remember, the Allaerts is an excellent cartridge in its own right and improvements at these levels are usually incremental rather than quantum.

But all in all, I’m thoroughly delighted with what I’ve heard. The Supreme is an ideal match for both my system and my listening biases. And it fulfills my objective of replacing the Allaerts with something that’s even better. As I said in upfront, I’m not able to demo a number of expensive, limited production cartridges in my system, so I had to make a quasi-educated guess. And I’m quite happy with my choice—which is all that counts!

Read the full Review

Not much to add to the incredible reviews above. Airtight just makes cartridges magical. As they say, "Hearing is Believing"

Air Tight believes that the ultimate optimized combination of the technology and art shall eventually create a sort of supernatural phenomenon in the form of real musical sensation. This is their upmost goal and sublime dream commonly owned by all the discerning audiophiles in the world.

That is not marketing spiel. That is a fact. Even if its hard to digest, it is true.

We are very honored to be able to offer this cartridge to our customers.

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Internal impedance 1 ohm (DCR)
Output voltage 0.4mV/1kHz
Stylus pressure 1.9 – 2.2g
Channel balance within 0.5dB/1kHz
Dynamic Compliance 8×10-6Cm/Dyne
Cantilever boron
Weight 12g




Air Tight PC-1 Supreme. Superb playback. At True Audiophile.

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