AirTight Opus 1 Ermitage Phono Cartridge. No Equal.

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AirTight Reference Opus 1 MC Cartridge. Ultimate. Zero  Comparison.

At True Audiophile

AirTight is legendary for build and performance. This reference MC Cartridge is an example. If you can reach for it, then you know this is the ultimate MC. Made jewel-like with a 1.4 Ohm (DCR) -- TA

The Absolute Sound Raves

The Air Tight Opus-1 gets my highest recommendation, and joins the Goldfinger Statement and Ortofon Anna as one of my references. Full Review Here.

Positive Feedback States

Barring the cost, the Opus is the best thing for analog since sliced bread. Read the full Review Here.

The Opus 1 represents AirTight's Top-of-the-line MC Phono Cartridge. Second-to-none, 3-dimesional imaging.

Unprecedented, sublime sonic balance is achieved thru years-long research seeking the optimum combination ratio in internal impedance and output voltage. Exclusive, renowned SH-uX core sealed in ultra-hard duralumin housing fortified by nickel plating.

Air Tight believes that the ultimate optimized combination of the technology and art shall eventually create a sort of supernatural phenomenon in the form of real musical sensation. This is their upmost goal and sublime dream commonly owned by all the discerning audiophiles in the world.

That is not marketing spiel. That is a fact. Even if its hard to digest, it is true.

We are very honored to be able to offer this cartridge to our customers.



Ultra Low Impedance
MC phono cartridge
Frequency range:
Internal impedance:  
1.4 ohms (DCR)
Output voltage:  
Tracking force:
Dynamic Compliance:
Boron Cantilever
Stylus Tip Type:
Semi-line contact
Channel balance: 
Less than 0.5dB/1kHz
Cross talk:
More than 30dB/1kHz
Cartridge base:
A7075(DLC plating)
A5056(Rhodium plating)
Rhodium plating



AirTight Opus 1 MC Cartridge. Now at True Audiophile.

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