AirTight ATH-3s Reference MC Step Up

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AirTight ATH-3s Reference MC Phono Step Up. One of the finest of its kind in the world today. 

At True Audiophile

AirTight is legendary for build and performance. This reference MC Phono Step Up is no exception.

Airtight is renewing their MC Step-Up Transformer ATH-3 to a new model “ATH-3s”.

The new ATH-3s is equipped with Ground Lift Switches, which enable to select grounded and floated grounding individually for input and output.

This feature makes it possible to handle floating balanced transmission to normal transmission.

Along with that, the housing and insulator are also changed to aluminum to improve the sound quality. AirTight chose a ground lift switch that was particularly about the freeing the sound. 

AirTight also incorporates a Hexagon Nut Binding Post MIL-P-55149 / 8 (MIL Standard), the same GND terminal they use for their flagship Phonostage ATH-2 Reference.

We are very honored to be able to offer this amp to our customers.



Air Tight ATH-3s Stereo Pre-Amplifier features:

• Step-up ratio:
1:40 (32dB gain) at low impedance mode
• Adaptable impedance of cartridges
1Ω〜7Ω (Recommended)
* High Impedance model for 7Ω〜40Ω available (factory set)
• Dimensions
144 (W) × 207 (D) × 80 (H) mm
• Weight



AirTight MC ATH-3 Step Up Transformer. Now at True Audiophile.

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