AirTight ATH-2 Reference MC Step Up

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AirTight ATH-2 Reference MC Step Up One of the finest in the world

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AirTight is legendary for build and performance. This reference MC Phono Step Up is no exception. -- TA quick review


Introducing the ATH-2 REFERENCE as one of the finest MC Step Up Transformers. The ultimate top version of the ATH-2A, the ATH-2 REFERENCE has three selectable inputs, i.e., "Bypass", "2Ohm" and "40Ohhm".

Thanks to the employment of the new winding material (oxygen-free copper) and careful review on its winding method, the dynamics-range, sonic powerfulness and quality feelings have been remarkably improved, thus achieving an unparalleled affluence in terms of musicality of analogue discs.

The frequency rage being fully procured, the upper-end is extend up to 80kHz (-1dB) and 120kHz (-2.2dB).

The S/N ratio especially at the low output level totally surpassing the competitors' performance, you may enjoy the higher quality in the different dimension in combination with the Hi-End amplifiers.

The 2 Ohm position complies with the latest ultra-low impedance below 1 Ohm, the ATH-2 REFERENCE derives the full potentials of the existing MC cartridges, starting from the Ortofon SPU down to the latest ones

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Air Tight ATH-2 Stereo Referene Step Up Transformer features:

Input Selector
3 position
・Bypass: without gain, for MM cartridges
・2Ω (0.6Ω~7Ωapplicable) gain 29dB 
・40Ω (7Ω~40Ω applicable) gain 23dB
Frequency response
10Hz~80kHz (-1dB)
9.45(W)×7.08(D)×2.76(H) inches
6.17 pounds



AirTight MC ATH-2 Reference Step Up Transformer. Now at True Audiophile.

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