Air Tight ATM300B Reference amplifier. NEW.

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Air Tight All New 300B Reference Stereo Amplifier: Legendary Air Tight NEW ATM300R. 

At True Audiophile

AirTight's new 300B amp, the 300R has all the qualities of the Anniversary 300B and then some: The 300R has a firmer bass response and is 9 watts per channel vs the 300 Anniversary. Separating sentimentality, this is a superior amplifier.  Handcrafted in Japan and rated at 9Wpc

AirTight ATM-300R features new step-up transformers and Takatsuki 300B tubes ($2500.00 value) hand-blown by Kyoto craftsmen to precise specs that are hand-matched to plus or minus 1 percent. These tubes were chosen by Mr. Miura for their longevity, reliability, and consistency of sound quality

We are very honored to be able to offer this amp to our customers. 


Air Tight ATM-300R Stereo Amplifier features:

  • Legendary musical charms of jubilee-long reputed, genuine Takatsuki direct-heated valve
  • Takatsuki 300B Output Tubes. Finest 300B tubes made today
  • New set-up transformers
  • Self-biased Class-A operation at WE-300B output stage
  • 3-stage triode amplification for sublimate musicality
  • DC-driven heater to reduce noise inherent in direct-heated valve
  • Bias/current meter to check optimum operation of output valve
  • Damping selector control to create one’s favorite sound
  • Lavish employment of second-to-none, custom selected components
  • Copper-plated chassis to remove magnetic distortion
  • Attenuator on direct-CD input



AirTight ATM300R, 300B amplifier. Now at True Audiophile.

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