Turntable Cork Platter Mat

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Static Neutral Cork Turntable Platter Mat

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A simple cork mat, yet essential if you only got a felt one or nothing. Eliminate static charges and increase dynamics. - True Audiophile mini review

This cork turntable mat is a great anti-static base for your records. The anti static properties prevent excessive attraction of dust. The cork absorbs vibrations, giving your music a more natural sound. At 0.093 inches/2.37mm thick, if your old platter mat, rubber or not is missing or damaged this is a great looking replacement. Cork is a bark that falls of the tree naturally, so the tree is not destroyed. 

Note: at 11 5/8 inches wide, this mat will not interfere with the slightly thicker "lead-in" area at the outer edge of your 12" record and so will make full contact with unwarped records thus allow maximum contact of this static neutral cork with your record. 

Finally, every attention to detail was made. The indentation you see for the record label is just the right depth at 0.027" / 0.7mm x 4.39"/111.5mm wide to ensure the flattest possible support for your vinyl. It Comes packaged in a hangable record jacket with inner round bottom HDPE sleeve
Cork Turntable Mat. At True Audiophile.

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Width: 8.00
Height: 8.00
Depth: 8.00
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